June 18, 2012


Patricia Lichen

Oh, how cool is this! I haven't been to Colorado in many, many years--would love to visit this park. Maybe one of these days I'll make it back to that beautiful state...

Rita aka Cashjocky

We recently had this same kind of experience with the Old Salt's bother and his wife. We took them to the Laurimer Sculpture park in St. Louis during a visit and it became a contest to see who could become the most involved with the sculptures. Made for some great photos.

Great captures. Truthfully, your sculptures are more to my linking. The ones we saw were very modern or futuristic.

Joe Todd

Is your place in Florida ok with all the storms??


What a nice place to visit, constantly adding new sculptures must keep people visiting over and over again!

Joe Todd

Looks like a great place to visit..A fun time


I do like rituals and this one seams to be a fine one !

NatureFootstep Travel

how fun. I would love to visit a park like that. It is strange what kind of things we can see just by visiting fellow bloggers.
Have a great weekend Sallie. Sunday afternoon I will be in Scotland :)


beautiful laughing faces :)

the sculptures are wonderful

Jeannette StG/Emille

To laugh and have fun is good for the soul, and healthy for the body! Happy you had this time:)

Rambling Woods

Fun post Sallie...


What a great park, nice shots!


Sculpture parks are so much fun, and I can see your joy in these great captures.


What fabulous sculptures, not surprised you enjoy a visit there.


The sculpture park looks light a delightful place to visit. The photographs made me smile. I'm sorry about the fires. That is a worrry.


Here I was thinking your kids were in Boulder! Sorry!



Really like these interactive sculptures.

Boom & Gary

What a grand time Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

laura k

looks like fun! the swinging sculpture...and then laughing along with the others! ha!!
it feels good when you can just LET GO and be as silly as you want!


What a cool park. You guys look like you were having a great time!!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - I think sculptures in public places should be played with, not just looked at and admired (or not as the case may be)

Bush fires are a real nightmare - I never want to have to deal with one close up, but living where I do you can’t really avoid some of the consequences of them.

Stewart M - Australia


Looks like you all had a wonderful day.
Great shots from a lovely place.
Wish you a wonderful week ahead.


Sallie, I love the statues. What a neat place. Looks like a fun day. Wish you a great week ahead.


Looks like a real fun park!!!Have a great day!



What a fun and fascinating park. The sculptures are excellent and also amusing.


What a wonderful day, - I'm sure you are such welcome visitors!


I can see why you like it so much! It's very nice. Nice pics also.


Great looking sculptures. First one is too good.

Krystal S

What a neat place to visit. I love the silliness that it would (hopefully) bring out in people!

Lady Fi

What great pictures. I love being silly - much to my kids' embarrassment.

Hope the state gets some rain and soon and that the fires goes out.


It really is fun, busy people needs times like these once in a while. But i love the serenity of the pool also in the first photo, i bet maybe sometimes some birds and ducks wander in these ponds too.

Mama Zen

What fun pictures!


That looks like such a fun place to spend the day! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Colin Huggins

Great looking and well kept park. Amazing what some places can do for the residents and visitors and then, more importantly, keep well maintained. This one in Colorado is well looked after by the authorities.
Looks like heaps of fun had by all.
The best parks that I have ever seen were in Oslo, Norway.
Just incredible! You'd have a lot of fun in this one:


Seeing is believing. Actually it was considered a bit "risque" when completed, so wasn't immediately opened to the general public!

Pity about the "bush fires" in Colorado, hopefully not deliberately lit by some fire bug person?
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Fine, sunny but not warm! 7 celsius this morning - Brrr! and only will reach 21 celsius. North of Brisbane was even colder! Totally WEIRD!

Sandy Carlson (USA)

That looks like an incredibly fun place. Your people make the sculptures!


(and i truly feel for colorado! whether close to the fires or not, the smoke can be dreadful - and the heat there is not helping...)


this was so cute! you can't help but laugh with those sculptures! and i like the ring-around-the-rosie one too!


What a fun place to sing your heart out in public without onlookers getting hysterical with laughter.
Be well and happy, Sallie.

Martha Z

It looks like a fun place to explore and the mountains are beautiful. My current view is of the Wasatch, not quite the Rockies or Sierras or even the Cascades but still a nice view.

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