June 14, 2012



Wow! That is some big country! I haven't been there in quite a while and I'm thinking it's tie to go back there...


Breathtaking, Sallie. The last time I was in Rocky Mountain National Park was in June - and it was still covered in snow, still beautiful, but a pleasure to see it in springtime glory. Good to see your post today.


YOU HAVE ARRIVED!!! I'm sure your family in Boulder is just delighted to see you.

Terry and I are taking a short break from farming this week (provided Terry doesn't have jury duty) and heading to Buena Vista. We will meet Terry's sister and her husband and possibly Terry's brother there for one, maybe two days.

Misty will hold the farm down while we are gone.



I'd love to see mountains again. Florida is completely flat.


I know exactly how you feel about the mountains. Most of our adult life was spent in the midwest. We LIVED for our vacation time when it would be spent in the mountains. We've spent lots of time in Rocky Mountain National Park. It's such a unique beauty.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

I agree with you now that I am in Connecticut for a few days and in the hills after months of the NC coastal plains. It's all gorgeous, but the variety is nice.

Quasi Serendipita

Heavenly. (And I like the sneaky reflection in the first one!) I hope you are having a lovely holiday.

Colin Huggins

Magnificent vistas, Sallie. Well done.
Looks like the weather has been good, all very green.
Only seen Denver Airport in my travels, and that was quite an eye-opener, with a change of flights. Otherwise, from way above. Colorado in the skiing seasons it full of Aussies.
My nephews and nieces, it is a "must place" to go. They all love it. Too cold for me at that time of year.
Hope you manage to get to see Linda and Terry when in the state. That would be great. If so, give them my best wishes for a successful farming year. Farm work never ceases.
Colin ( The one-eyed bandit at present, but it does look very debonair, says me.)
Weather report: Saturday 16th June. 6.15pm.
It was good, now pitch dark, no rain, and no warmth in the sun.

Rainfield (雨田)

I can feel the "energy" in your blog post.

Mountains again!!

And it is weekend again.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Looks like you are having a very photographic travels. Glad to see that you are almost there, safe and back to blogging.

I have only been to Colorado once but I found it a fascinating state to visit after a lifetime in Missouri.

Bonheur du Jour

Ces photos sont magnifiques et font rêver. Quelle belle région que le Colorado !
Je passe par ici pour la première fois, mais je pense que je reviendrai.


Sallie! You're here! Welcome. How long will you stay?

Jeannette StG/Emille

After California, Colorado is my second favorite state! Enjoy your trip! Great mountain views:)


I can relate to that. My mother was from Boone, NC and I spent much of my childhood visiting my grandmother in the NC mountains. As an adult I still feel a sense of homecoming when I go to the mountains. They are definitely in my blood. Beautiful shots of your mountain range.


amazing mountains! Does Rabbit Hill live up to its name?

Rambling Woods

Hello Sallie..missed you....Michelle

laura k

yay!! mountains!! i MISS them...stuck here in FLAT florida! can't wait to see more.


We went to Colorado Springs last year and were in awe of the mountains and beauty. We were ready to move. Such beautiful captures. :)


i was so happy to see you stop in yesterday, to know you were 'settled' somewhere again. what a gorgeous place!


Spectacular vistas, Sallie. I am oh soo green with envy.. I resemble a frog :)
Thanks for the mountain journey.
Be safe and happy.

ken schneider

Your beautiful photos make me miss my previous home at 7000 feet in the mountains of New Mexico!

Stewart M - Australia

They are rather good looking mountains I have to say!

Walking on the pier was a great way to end the day.

Stewart M

PS: there are more mental rambles on my "wordy" blog if you have five or ten minutes to spare. SM

Luna Miranda

they're majestic! fabulous photos.


Lovely photos-the top one would make a great Desktop! You are having to avoid fires and floods in different states according to my news:keep safe.


Splendid ! I hope you are far from the fires near Denver. It's so sad.


The Colorado Rockies were my first mountain love.

Lady Fi

Oh how lovely... and they even have some snow on them!


Nice to know you are in the west again, Sallie. These are beautiful shots.


WoW, what a gorgeous view!! beautiful mountains and a pretty blue sky!! that first image is breathtaking!!


I love the view of the mountains in that first shot!! I wonder what it would be like to live around actual mountains...


They're both beautiful, but the first one is awesome, I love that kind of scenery!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I think the Colorado Rockies are some of the most majestic mountains in the world.



OldOldLady Of The Hills

This looks so very Beautiful...! I hope you will have a wonderful time there in Colorado.

Thanks so much for your very kind and understanding words about my brother---And I know exactly what you are talking about---There are so very many things that only he and I knew, alone-together...!


I never get tired of seeing mountains. Beautiful scenery!


Great captures!Have a great weekend!


Sylvia Kirkwood

Ah, beautiful Colorado skies!! Glad you weren't in the fire area!! Terrific captures for the day! Have a great weekend!



The Colorado mountains are some of the most beautiful mountains I have seen. Great pictures.


It's a beautiful place, I have travelled through looong time ago !

Boom & Gary

Beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Welcome back again, Sallie.
Gorgeous shots, love them.
Wish you a wonderful weekend.


Wow! That first view is beautiful!
Enjoy your 'Rocky Mountain Colorado High'! :)

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