June 27, 2012



The altitude and the fantastic views will both take your breath away! Thanks for this awesome photo tour...

laura k

wow...beautiful view!!
such a difference from flat florida!!

i know what you mean about the huffing & puffing...when we get up to georgia or alabama...and hike...whew! my leg muscles sure know it the next day!


How I wish I could hike at those altitudes again! Anything over 5,000' I need oxygen for and for someone who adores the Alps. Rockies and Himalayas, that is a pest.
What lovely experiences you enjoyed.


Thanks Sallie, for doing all that huffing and puffing so we could enjoy these magnificent vistas.


I'm going to have to look up where Four Corners, Mesa Verde is... that is gorgeous up there, Sallie! A few years ago I found out the hard way that I was prone to altitude sickness, but I've learned how to deal with it. There are herbal pills I take, and, as someone else mentioned, I walk slowly and drink tons of water. What I also learned from my hero Ruth when she climbed high in Tibet for her 70th birthday and her son had to turn back when he got sick, is that older people handle the altitude better, in part because they breath more shallow!


Once you have caught your breath, the views must be amazing.

Lavender Dreams

More wonderful photos! I would so like to travel out West this Fall! Beautiful country...so different as you said!


I understand that life sometimes gets in the way of blogging.
Nice sign and a beautiful view!


the views are certainly worth the effort but I know how uncomfortable it is
last time I visited Colorado I had a very hard time until I finally began to adjust


Breathing at this altitude takes more work, but it takes in more fresh and healthy air.

Rita aka Cashjocky

I learn this lesson on our honeymoon when the Old Salt took me to a few high elevations as we traveled to Missouri from California.

Lovely photos. The view was certainly worth the effort.


I'm sure the views from that height would be wonderful but my lungs would be struggling too.

Lady Fi

Must be very tiring -- but oh, those views are fabulous.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

I hear you! These pictures are wonderful. (Driving through Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia to get to North Carolina, I am keenly aware of the loss of altitude as I go. I welcome it, but it takes its toll.)

J Bar

Great sign. Great view.


I experienced the same thing when we visited Colorado Springs 2 years ago. And I was 40 lbs heavier so that didn't help.

Love the vista you shared with us today. Looks like an amazing trip. :)

Sally in WA

Definitely a big difference between 7 and 7000! Hope your trip west is going well. Did you bring any summer heat with you from FL? We need it here. :-)


My sis and Mom are in Colorado, the fires are really scarey!
This is an awesome photo...Enjoy the mountains!!


The Olympics are coming up soon. I hope you signed up.

EG Wow

That sure is a difference in altitude!


Beautiful views. Kinda takes your breath away.... in more ways than one!

Taken For Granted

Move slowly and drink lots of water at that altitude. Dehydration is common with "altitude sickness." That is a beautiful park worth your time to do some walking, but take it easy.

Colin Huggins

Well done Sallie!
You were up higher than the highest mountain in Australia - Mount Kosciuszko which is 7,310 feet above sea level or 2,228 metres!
I hope that the view didn't show the fires that are raging in Colorado? All being covered in news here. Pity we, in Australia, can't send our incessant rain all along the Pacific coastline across to the fire stricken areas. The rain just won't cease! And the flu and also conjunctivitis is rampant here in Brisbane. Naturally I have both so am house-bound and not very happy about it!

Happy and safe travelling on your way to Oregon.
Cheers ( between wheezes etc.)
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: RAINING!!!!!!!! and unseasonally cold!!!


I always feel the altitude issue when I hike in the mountains. Wonderful shots.


It is great you are able to do the hike, congrats. Lovely photos, I would love to be traveling across the country at my leisure. Maybe someday. For now, I am enjoying your photos. Keep them coming.


Nice shots - I live and work out at 7,500 feet elevation! I've yet to visit the four corners area.

Thanks for your concern about the wildfire - it's crazy out here. Houses directly behind my office have supposedly burned, not that we've been allowed there since Sunday. Fortunately our house is on the other side of town.

Gemma Wiseman

O how scenic! Exciting to be high above the world and walking with the clouds! Looks like a great experience!


What - only 8,572'...just kidding Sallie. It looks dry there too. Will you return to your family in CO?


I've always wanted to go to that area. I've never really been anywhere high above sea level - it must be an odd feeling to be out of breath.

Clair Z.

And conversely, when we were in France and way nearer to sea level than our home in Las Cruces, we were dragging around a bit. Of course, it didn't help that we got a little touch of the flu!

Beautiful shots, and I look forward to more. You must have been up there before the Colorado fires got started, as I think the skies would be smoky-looking by now.


Must be "breath-taking in every way! (I had to look upFour Corners Area!


ha ha. i'd imagine so! quite a difference!


wow, i could imagine all the good vista you've seen from up there.


Luna Miranda

wow, i can imagine the heavy breathing here.:p
8,572 feet is indeed a lot of work---you did it! congratulations, Sally. the view from the top is beautiful.

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