June 30, 2012



Fantastic locale and gorgeous shots, Sallie!


You certainly do find some great things and fantastic views when you are on the road. REALLY nice photos also!


You really are covering some wonderful country... and you already know how I feel about ROADS and roadtrips... :-) Not liking what I'm hearing about the fires in Colorado, though. Trust you and yours are safe.

Mary Howell Cromer

Looks amazing, and we do love Colorado too. Praying the fires end soon~


Wonderful photos! You do our state proud!


laura k

GORGEOUS shots!!

be safe out there...my heart & thoughts are with all the people having to deal with the tragic fires. :(

Lady Fi

Fabulous shots! Love the first one in particular.

Rambling Woods

Beautiful scenery Sallie


Great pictures. I've been to Monument Valley, but the rest is all new to me.
So sad to hear about all the fires.


These are wonderful icons of great landscapes, for postcards. But i haven't seen any of them in person, might probably be in the next lifetime.

Jill Harrison

Always itching to go on a new road trip to new places, and revisit favourite places. Wonderful views in your post - thank you for taking me there through Mosaic Monday!


I loved my trip to Colorado two years ago. We actually thought of retiring there we loved it so much. You've got some beautiful photos to remember and cherish.

Rita aka Cashjocky

JUst pretend you are listening to Lawerance Welk.

wonerful, wonerful, simply wonderful.

One Fly

Nice stuff from my neck of the woods.

Laughing Orca Ranch

Wonderful photos of a great road trip!



A beautiful view!


Excellent shots, I miss the drives between New Mexico and Arizona..:-)


I have just been catching up on your trip to Colorado. Looks like you are having fun with your family and seeing some beautiful scenery. I have been too busy to blog and can't blame altitude but can blame grandparent duties.


Beautiful shots as always.
What a wonderful place.
Have a great Sunday.


Wonderful photos-last year's landscape is beautiful! Happy adventures and travel.


Beautiful shots as usual ! I like a lot the first one (Colorado mountains) and hope the fires'll stop quickly now .

Colin Huggins

Great top photo of Colorado minus the present disasters of the fires. Quite the picture for postcards. So last time you flew into Denver, and this time you are driving - Florida to Oregon via Colorado. I hope I have got that right???
Here in Australia, Colorado is getting big news, as we also have terrible bush fires, but I haven't noticed any o/seas firemen being deployed???? I think the California fires of
last year(??), many Australian bushfire teams were over to assist and at times US teams have flown out here to assist.
Of course the TV crews go for the sensational - " Colorado Burns" and then have the audacity to interview the people who obviously are highly in a state of distress on their misfortune. That is disgusting and un-called for.
Last night Pres. Obama was shown visiting and offering the State Federal assistance. Let's hope this assistance doesn't get all tangled up in red tape??? Usually does, still happening here after the Brisbane floods of December/January 2010/2011.
All mixed up in bureaucratic "crap shit" ! Note it is now July 2012 and still a mix-up!
Now off my soapbox!!!
Anyhow I guess you are at your summer place in Oregon. Have a great time.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: The yellow thing is still shining above, washing machines are going like mad, and clothes lines are full.


Looks like a great road trip, Sallie, and through incredibly beautiful country. When we think of being in semi-desert country here in the Similkameen and other parts of southern B.C. we have to admit we are only little fingers reaching out from this vast and wonderful country.


Nature is amazing and beautiful.


Hi Sallie, The Sand Dunes Park is magical isn't it? Who would expect all that sand at the base of a mountain in CO! By the way - I answered your question on my comments by using "reply" - would you please let me know if you got notified of the reply by E-mail or if you had to go back to the blog to receive it. Can't imagine what use it is if people must go back to see if I replied! Thanks!


Wow, so much beauty and photographed very well.

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