July 31, 2012



Fantastic photographs, beautiful bird. I am greeting


What a cutie!

Rambling Woods

You made the house sparrow look very cute...

Rita aka Cashjocky

I had a big black bird of some kind do this to me when we dined outdoors at Scripps Aquarium in California a few years ago. But, it was bigger and bolder and did not want to take no for the answer.


It is cute! I think the fluffiness adds to the cuteness: I bet it's a young bird!

Thanks for the visit, Sallie. I have been so busy lately!


Adorable - and how kind of him to pose so nicely for you.

Boom & Gary

Maybe he wants to come home with you,never mind just lunch. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Such a cute little one!


Those little birds love my chicken house and hanging out with my hens. They are super friendly.

Good shots!



Cute indeed, some critters seem to practice that look!


Wonderful close up images!!!! These sparrows, for me at least, are such a challenging bird to photograph. You did one super job.

I have TWO pages of birds...

One, my Sunday Meme Linking post at The Bird D'Pot [birds: some black bellied Whistling Ducks and more]

Two, my personal blog with photos of Brown Pelicans at sea.

Do stop by for a visit if you can find time. I'd love your company.

laura k

aaaaaw...cute little guy!! just sitting there...patiently waiting for a handout...hoping you'll give in to those sad puppy dog eyes! ha!

Stewart M

Hi there - if it not in a cage its wild! I like sparrows, they were my near constant companions as a kid! It seems that there are far fewer of them in the UK these days. We have them here as well.

Stewart M - Australia


He is so sweet!!


What a cute birdie !

Lady Fi

So lovely. He looks very well fed though!


Lovely detail in the close-ups! We find the robins the cheekiest!Once someone's fed them on the table, they think it is OK. There can be problems with swans around the canals.


It is still waiting.

"Please feed me."


Great shots of the cheeky bird. I guess you had to guard your meal he looks intent on having some.

Sally in WA

I would feed her too. Bad me. :-)


He's so adorable and you got some wonderful detail there! We were dining on the outside patio at a Mexican restaurant Sat. night and a sparrow just like this one hopped right next to the table and looked up at me. I couldn't resist his pitiful gaze and crumbled up a chip for him. He took it very quickly and flew over to a nearby bush to enjoy his treat.


Great details in your photos. Sparrows are all over the world and seem equally unafraid.


You captured the sparrow so well. Great detail.


awww she is so cute...I would probably be sharing lol and get a feather in my lunch!


Cute bird, Sallie! The bokeh is pretty, great captures.


he's too stinkin' cute! i like the bokeh you got in that first shot!

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