July 24, 2012


laura k

our blackberry season is over now :( we picked SO many...i made cobbler after cobbler...but now the supply is getting low, of the ones i put in the freezer.
the field across the road is FULL of wild blackberries! yum!!

Rita aka Cashjocky

Wonderful shots and I'm sure your cobbler and jam will also be wonderful when the time come to pick them.


I love blackberries and have them growing wild in my yard but the early heat didn't help them this year. Lovely seeing these shots.


I want some, but I' going to stick to dry land to pick 'em!


wow! very beautiful! :)

Dropping by from NF Water…Sailing


Love the little photos on the big photo background! I need some blackberries! There are great recipes for blackberry drinks and things all over the internet right now!

NatureFootstep Photo

I recognise the plant but I don´t think I ever tasted the berries. Great shots.


The lake looks so wonderfully undeveloped....and the treatment of the pics in the second is fabulous....I need to learn how to do this, too....

Sally in WA

Those ever pesky invasive blackberry bushes. Had them at my Stanwood houses and was always battling them. I will eat them occasionally but the seeds drive me nuts. Hope it warms up soon so you can pick yours.


I hope those shoreberries ripen soon and you enjoy them, Sallie. Great shots.


a cool July
ahhhhh that sounds wonderful

I didn't realize blackberries grew this way
I'd love to see someone picking them from the water, I too would remain on shore :)


I love wild blackberries but haven't seen any for years. It is a lovely lake and canoeing would be fun and munching blackberries on the way would be exotic.

Colin Huggins

Just a report on my blackberry pie dessert. (8.30pm Wednesday 25th July).
Well it was a supermarket one. Not a freshly made one and certainly not hand picked from a kayak of blackberries growing over a lake!
So as they say in Hong Kong, "chop chop" and into that kayak and hand pick some lucious blackberries and show us the result of your homemade pie! Your other half will be forever grateful!
Colin (Brisbane. Ausralia)


Beautiful photographs, I like to admire such views. I am greeting


You can't beat apple and blackberry pie!

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Good luck in the kayak! Balance is everything-and sometimes our lives depend on it!


picking from a kayak sounds like it might require some skill and balance - i'd drown for berries, for sure. :)

Colin Huggins

Very funny! Be brave Sallie, paddle in close, lean over, and pick! Maybe the best ones are overhanging the lake?
After all what is a blackberry pie without some excitement, like an unexpected departure from the canoe or kayak!!
Just hold on tightly to your bag of blackberries, what is a bit of water anyhow!
C'mon, the other half can take the photos from the bank, you do the picking! I shall be very disappointed in you if you don't try the canoe/kayak effort - ha ha!
Great blog and a good laugh one also. Oh, I am wicked but that is Aussie humour!
And guess what I am having for dessert tonight, blackberry pie and icecream. Hope I don't have a fit of the giggles!
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: 1.00pm Wednesday 25th July.
As usual started fine and sunny. Now one great big black cloud above and others coming up on the horizon. You can now set your watch/clocks by this business.


I'd pick them almost any way I could get them.


Well, no, they're not worth drowning for. :) These are pretty shots of the water and the berries. Bet they'll be delicious when ripe!

Rambling Woods

I had to laugh at the picking them from the shore as being the safe way as that would be my preference too. It is so pretty and green and this weather is crazy for so many of us..thank you for providing some refreshing air for this week's Nature Notes Sallie..Michelle

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