July 11, 2012


Rita aka Cashjocky

Amazing shots. I took my first flight when I went to San Diego to meet the Old Salt for the first time. I made that trip twice more. Of the five flights (we drove back the last time) I only got a window seat once and all I could see was the wing of the plane. Would have loved to have gotten shots like these as a keepsake.

Sandy Carlson (USA)


Pam :)

Wow, i love your new layout, Sallie. I feel as if i was flying over Colorado with you. Fantastic photos!


so nice to know you are just down the coast from us (although we are in the interior of B.C.) - and that we share the same smoke from Colorado. Wonderful shots.

Rainfield (雨田)

You ride the sky.


Beautiful shots! I always take pictures out of plane windows too :-)


Wonderful skies.


Wonderful aerial view of landscapes.


WOW! Such beautiful captures from high up there and I love my window seat too :)


Isn't it amazing how we can walk, motor, fly and see the same land so differently in each way?
You have such wonderful photos here, Sallie.

Lady Fi

What majestic views! Great shots.


WELL Ill be looking forward to the posts..great photos from the plane. I dont enjoy flying...but sometimes I guess you gotta. Im trying to save enough sky miles to fly to Hawaii....IM sure by the time I get enough flying will be obsolete!

Kay L. Davies

Now this is REAL skywatching, in the sky! Super shots, Sallie.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Awesome captures indeed, Sallie! It's hard to beat the northwest for dramatic beauty!! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!

Rambling Woods

Beautiful, but sad to see the smoke...

J Bar

Sydney - City and Suburbs


Hi Sallie, awesome shot of the Mountain. The mountain out west are so nice compared to the little mountains we have in the East. I will look forward to seeing both the Colorado and the Pacific Northwest shots. Have a great day.


Beautiful sky shots! We have kids living in Co also....


Great shots from the plane..Beautiful captures.Have a great weekend!


Boom & Gary

Really great shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


I have no idea what mountain it is, but it's a nice photo and sight! Those fires in NM and Colorado are terrible.


I've flown to Portland twice and the view of Mt. Hood from the airplane is indeed spectacular! Well captured.


Great shots! The fires were sad...glad you are there in lovely, green wet, northeast!



These are truely skywatches, being in the sky on top !


Beautiful photos - that smoke looks familiar! I never seem to have my camera near me on the rare occasions when I fly.

Dina J

Really cool shots! I usually try and get an aisle seat but I may have to try a window next time.


i'm ready for some zig-zag! :) these are beautiful - especially the mountain. those fires were so scary to watch on the news...

Sally in WA

I would agree with Geoff that it is Mt. Adams. Great shot of it, too! Amazing seeing the smoke from the Colorado fires. Too bad it meant destruction and devastation for many people.


Good shots from a plane window. Is the snow on these mountains all year round? Looking forward to the see saw pics.

Colin Huggins

Great shots from the plane on your way from Denver to Portland.
I did the Denver to Seattle flight, not that much up from Portland. The flight was a DC10 ( Continental Airlines) with quarter of the seats occupied, so I was able to jump across from side to side to watch the terrain. They were fantastic views of the mountains and they had snow on the top. I think one of the mountains was volcanic and had vapour coming out of it. Are some of these mountains volcanic? The co-pilot gave a running commentary, I was most impressed.
Lucky you to have views from both side.
Looks like you travelled in an airbus plane ??? - the windtips give it away.
Have fun in Oregon.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Guess?? 12th July and everyday it has rained for a period. Now 5.30pm, Thursday 12th coming down in buckets.
June was the wettest month on record, seems July wants to go one better. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Brisbane will soon have a new name - Wetsville!


There's nothing like aerial views of the mountains-these are fantastic:more please!!!


Fantastic shots from the plane, Sallie! Love that mountain!

PS: Sorry I haven't been around as much as I would have liked to. I have a new job and it's a pretty hectic time for me. I have enough trouble posting up my own entries, but have been missing the visits to friends blogs.

Tina´s PicStory

wonderful skies!


Mount Adams.

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