July 02, 2012



Interesting post and some great shots documenting your visit.


Amazing pics and amazing history.

Rambling Woods

amazing..but it seems so hot and dry..lol

Sandy Carlson (USA)

The door puts the mural in perspective. I am very grateful. What a world.


Very interesting to know that this land is part of the Navajo Nation, Sallie - have you run across any Navajo weaving in your recent travels? Very awe inspiring country.


Beautiful and very interesting place, fantastic photographs. I am greeting


You did our state proud! Thank you so much! Happy 4th of July!



Farming? Here? Lordy, lord... But this Navajo land IS impressive.


Thanks, Sallie for your beautiful and interesting post. We visited Canyon de Chelly, years ago and it is for us a very good memory. Sometimes i thing I'd have been an Amarican people, because I love those large landscapes and the way you can travel between earth and big sky.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sallie you make a great tour guide. Interesting and factual information along with outstanding photos. Who could ask for more.

Carol Carson

The standing cow ruin is fascinating! I wonder if the woman who lived in the stone hogan until she died kept any sort of diary. The last photo is beautiful, but invasive species do cause a lot of harm to the environment.


What stunning captures of nature and the past. It is amazing how people lived/survived.


I am enjoying your travels so much. Wonderful shots and an interesting post.


Great shots, The canypn is one place I would kike to visit one day..:-)


This area is fascinating! At home, it's still raining and the heating is on...

Clair Z.

Interesting, and beautiful!


So impressive! It's amazing what nature has created.


Nice shots, I really need to visit this area while I still live in Colorado.


The standing cow ruin is fascinating to see and know about but I love the last picture the most! Very interesting place, Sallie! Many thanks for showing it to us :)

Lady Fi

What an amazing place!


Its amazing what remains after all this time. Thanks for sharing photos of your wonderful travels, Sallie.

Stewart M - Australia

These old buildings (and the stone cites in Petra, Jordan) are such iconic places - two more lines on the "must do" list.

Cheers - Stewart M


Great and interesting post!
Wonderful shots from a beautiful place.
Thanks for sharing.


Super post Sallie. Non native invasive species are a bane to marginal farming and living. I love visiting with you, it really opens my eyes.


You got some great pictures here and information I'd never heard before. We really like this area and are planning to visit again this fall.


I hiked to the White House at De Chelly many long years ago and there wasn't anyone else there.


Fascinating tidbits of the Navajo. Even though invasive, the cottonwood trees look pretty growing in a curvy line along the canyons. You captured some beautiful photos here. Sounds like a great trip!

Colin Huggins

Great to see and know that preservation is maintained for future generations to admire. The Indian carving are truely remarkable and so well preserved.
I see some of the "Aussie" rain has at last arrived, hope the rest gets there also to knock out all those bushfires. Just keep the rain there for a couple of months, then you can blow it back here!!!
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Fine, sunny and chilly. Not a cloud to be seen, and everyone is happy.

Sylvia Kirkwood

I do love Canyon De Chelly! I haven't been there in a long time, but what a beautiful place it is! I love your photos, Sallie, thanks for sharing! Have a Happy July 4th!!



I've never been to De Chelly. I like learning more of Native American history - the hogans are so interesting. It sure does look hot and dry, though! Happy 4th, Sallie.


Wow, it is a very interesting place, are you allowed to hike around there on your own or just with a guide. Great shots, thanks for sharing.


What a great post. Really informative and interesting.

Jeannette StG/Emille

Thank you for shoring us how they live - I don't envy them, farming is that heat and drought!


One of my favorite places on earth! Lovely!

Boom & Gary

Great post, but I didn't know about the invasive cottonwoods. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Wonderful shots of very interesting place.

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