July 25, 2012


laura k

haha!! duh. and they actually spend the town's money on that!! i would hope that anyone wandering there...would KNOW to climb to safety if it floods!! but i guess you can never be too sure...better safe than sorry...

Rita aka Cashjocky

I do not believe having good common sense or the lack thereof is the reason for this sign. Signs like this are usually place by those who want to be able to deny liability because they place a warning sign. I also think it is also a way some folks use to appease their conscious in the event of a tragedy.


How nice that you came by my blog and commented! I'm glad you know Tucson! We actually lived here once before ourselves in the late 70s when my hubby was in the AF. Never thought we would retire here, but came because the daughter, SIL and grandson were connected here pretty strongly. :-) Are enjoying it even though it is far from what we thought we'd have in our waning years! :-) Yes, this is definitely one of THOSE signs! :-)


Signs like that make me want to say, no I'm going to go down and get washed away with the flood.


is there an elevator?


Awesome !

daily athens photo


We have signs like this one around here. The other day I saw one that said...Do not cross bridge if water is coming across the bridge...DUH! Yours is far more impressive. Climbing to safety night be a bit scary. genie

Rambling Woods



sadly, the more obvious the point of the sign, the more it is likely ignored.


Make you wonder what happened to common sense.


We have those signs in the local area, usually as a road enters a canyon where unexpected flash floods can occur from thunderstorms further up the mountain. They definitely seem rather obvious!

Lady Fi

Scary to think that you might have to do this.

Gemma Wiseman

Great reminder too that this is a flood prone area! People tend to think it won't impact on them!


brilliant reminder that signs are for those who shouldn't need to be told.


I've been in a couple of flash floods. One was really scary and I no longer need a sign to tell me to get the heck out of there!


....So long as the area can be climbed! Each year in the Western Isles, I come across a sign that reads"Road liable to flooding". it's a narrow, single track road with a drop on either side!


This serves to remind us not to overlook even a small thing, though this is usually called common sense.

Luna Miranda

how about "in case of flood, float".:p
my aunt actually climbed on her dining table when there was a flash flood in their area about 2 years ago.



I must add..they don't believe that there is ever a reason to run...flash floods in dry Colorado ?



Yep! The flash flood sign ... a huge warning, that most people don't believe in.


Lindy MacDuff

I really like your new blog template!

You know, it never ceases to amaze me, the ones who think they can make it through flood waters. We've seen the devastation up close when we lived in Arizona and what gets caught up in those rushing waters. Better to turn around and find the high ground.


Wow. Seems like common sense, but that seems to be a rarity these days. The sign that got me earlier this year was Don't Feed The Alligators. I couldn't believe people would be so stupid, but apparently...


LOL., dont have to tell me twice!!

J Bar

A dummies guide to safety.


And the really sad part, only about 10% of people read signs.

Colin Huggins

A very apt sign, Sallie.
Pity people can't read. If anything makes me see "RED", it
is the fools who try to drive through floodwaters. It becomes an emergency to get them out and in rare cases good people of the emergency services are drowned in the process.
It also costs heaps of money. The worst of it all is that the person saved just gets a warning!!!! I even saw some young hoons when we had the 2010/2011 floods here after being rescued and warned by the police just laugh and give the one finger salute! I would have bound them and thrown them back into the raging torrents!
In that area where the sign is I would think it refers to flash flooding and when they say "FLASH", it is not the designer clothing "flashness", it refers blatantly to SPEED!
Great sign, Sallie. Great sign to see in Colorado, a state which appears to be top news Worldwide on other tragic events recently.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: 7.20am Thursday 26th July.
Hmmmm - Aaaaah - Ummmm, Well? maybe - Hmmmm -Naaaaah????
I'll go for anything that way I can't be wrong - ha ha!


Some people need to be told I guess!


OY! we have lots of folks in dallas try to drive thru floodwater, too.


Well Duh! Is right but some people need to be told!

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