July 07, 2012



Lovely mosaics of this beautiful part of the world.


Beautiful shots, Sallie.

Mary Howell Cromer

Very beautiful, love these.
Before I became ill, I could walk 3 miles in 45 minutes. My husby knew that too. I would come lazing in an hour and a half after my walk began and he would say...I was getting worried about you and then he would see that I had taken my camera with me too...;')~

Rambling Woods

amazing views..I think I would need an 02 tank to walk there...Michelle


Fantastic! I agree with you. We need to look around, get off the road, look up and down. The things that are just sitting there are amazing. If we don't look though, we won't see them!

Rita aka Cashjocky

We drove through Colorado on our last trip to California. We stopped in Denver to visit with my nephew. Looks as if we made a big mistake by not taking more time to get out of our car and actually look at more than what could be seen along the interstate.

Your wonder captures tell me that we will have to rectify that if we get that way again. In fact it is a lesson that we should apply everywhere we go.


What a view !

I like the two-views idea :)

Ingmarie We/Refugium

So very lovely and interesting mosaics.

Lady Fi

Wow - what glorious scenery!


I love the two perspectives you provide here - there's nothing like hiking in beautiful Colorado!


It looks a beautiful state whether you look up or down.


Beauty is all around if we only take the time to see. What a gorgeous place to hike.


Beautiful shots of the place. The flowers are very nice.

Maple Lane

Outstanding views and a great place to walk and enjoy the details. Have a nice week.

Lavender Dreams

What a beautiful place to hike! Lovely photos, my friend! Isn't it wonderful to see the beauty of nature wherever you travel?!

A Garden of Threads

Wow, beautiful walk. Thank you for sharing. Take care and have a great week:)


Gorgeous views and lovely wildflowers. What a walk!!!


What a lovely place to go for a walk. The pretty little wildflowers are a bonus. Valerie


Those are some incredible views both the great and small ones. (I'd need lots of excuses to rest.)


Sallie gorgeous views of the mountain scenery. I love the pretty wildflowers and the butterflies. What a beautiful place for a hike. Thanks for sharing, wonderful photos and mosaics. Have a lovely week ahead.


Beautiful view, and photo heaven. :)


What lovely collages!!


Is that a thistle flower, lovely!

My Shadows
Have a blessed Sunday.


All the pleasure of the mountains : great sceneries and beautiful flowers, butterflies, ans so on !


the views are amazing yet the little beauties at your feet are also majestic
great shots and as always you put them together so perfectly

laura k

magical views...AND flowers 'n butterflies!!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I love the wildflowers!



Lovely views-you see so many glorious views!

Gemma Wiseman

Love your collages! Creative way to present mountain shadows - both landscape and macro! Beautiful!


I take so many photos when walking I rarely have time to loose my breath. Nice shots of the big and the small.

Colin Huggins

Beautiful scenery - great photos.
Is that your dog in one photo????
I missed the Prairie dogs. They sure look mischievous, but
are a stockman's nightmare. The holes that they dig are not
what horses and cattle like. Broken legs.
As we don't have them here in Australia, do they serve any
purpose for the eco-system??
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: So unpredicable that it is a nightmare.
Today: Early it was sunny, next rain, next wind and rain, next sun! At this rate probably hail tonight!!! Still some absolutely beautiful rainbows. Weird!!!!

J Bar

Terrific collection of shots.

Sally in WA

Beautiful, Sallie! Isn't it fun to be up high in the mountains and surveying your surroundings? :-)

Rainfield (雨田)

I love to join you. What a hike you have.


i loved your special hint. :)


Beautiful pictures of the mountains and the prairie, Sallie - and of course the wild flowers. We had a hazy morning here today, and in the Okanagan they have smoke from the wildfires in Colorado.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Those flowers are so very beautiful.

Mama Zen

What an incredible view!

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