July 26, 2012



One of my favorite things about Oregon is the beauty of the hydrangas. I tried a couple of times to grow them in the midwest, but I was never successful. Your pictures are so beautiful.

Rambling Woods

My hydrangeas suffered from the spring freezes so I will enjoy yours..


Hi Sallie, - lovely photos. Our youngest daughter had a great hydrangea bush with multi coloured flowers, - I dried some and still have them in a vase in the bedroom. I am fond of the Annabelle, but don't have any in the garden here.


Very interesting. I can't grow them here no matter the color. :<) Hey, I love the new design. Clear, crisp, very readable!


I love hydrangeas. Yours are gorgeous.

laura k

my (oakleaf) hydrangea's are more pink...mixed with white...not a BRIGHT pink...but kind of pastel-ly looking!!


Wow! So pretty! Gorgeous shots of the beauties, Sallie! I can imagine how beautiful your garden must be looking with all those colorful blooms :) Also, very interesting to know that soil variation can cause a change in color. Never knew about that. Thanks so much for sharing :-)


I love hydrangeas...here they are gift plants. They are never planted outside.



Very pretty, I never knew that about hydrangeas. I don't even try to grow anything like that where I live!

ann nz

last comment was by me, I had computer trouble. couldn't add the url,

use to make beautiful floral display for church.

also, little old ladies help themselves. I didn't have the heart to shout at them. Just glad others can enjoy them.

My friend the florist like the pure white ones, for weddings.

ann nz

lost my comment. I had lots of hydragea. I too was told to put cans by the roots, as cans rusts, iron is seep into the soil. more iron, more darker or red.

May be root system goes to different areas. Hence different colour. Just my conjecture. I didn't try this experiment. Oh yes, I did once, but I lost interest in plants and didn't check. My over friendly neighbour chopped off and almost killed the whole hedge.

Rainfield (雨田)

And I know that the colour of blossoms on my computer screen never depend upon the acid/alkaline balance in the soil.

Have a good day.


Stunning photos of the hydrangeas.


I had some hydrangeas planted in my yard when I owned a house. They were planted right next to where the downspout from the gutters were. I think it was from the roofing, but they were very dark purple. People used to stop and ring my doorbell to ask me how I got them that color. The truth is, I don't know, but I sure did love that color.


I love hydrangeas. Mine are white, but still very pretty!


I don't know either, but my bush has from purple to lavender to pink. All on one bush! Not complaining, just confused. Yours are really blooming well! Mine are so pitiful compared to these.

Rita aka Cashjocky

My sister takes care of the alter at her church. When flowers get past their prime she will give them away rather then put them in the trash. Last year she gave me two hydrangea plants. I couldn't wait for them to bloom this year to see what colors I would get. What I got was no blooms at all. The plants were half dead when I planted them and they came back this year but did not get very large before our heat and drought got to them despite my daily watering. Hopefully, they are just dormant and will grow out next year.


The hydrangeas are gorgeous. I'm jealous. Usually my hydrangeas hold their color well into fall and don't turn brown until the first freeze but this year the extreme heat turned almost all the blossoms brown. Oh well, at least we had earlier than usual blooms this year. I'm really enjoying seeing your beautiful hydrangea shots since mine are sad already.


Wonderful shots of these spectacular hydrangeas, Sallie! Sorry I haven;t been around much I have been travelling with my new job.

Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos!


Hi Sallie! I just clicked over from my hydrangea post to yours because you said that we thought alike this week LOL! My neighbors across the street had both colors on one bush too...interesting...


Sallie...I love the second one. It has to be my favorite. It was really interesting to read the info on the coloration of the plants. Glad you like my Jane Austen quote. I am always searching for quotes that go along with my pictures; sometimes I am lucky and at other times I am not. I thought that one was a real keeper. genie


One of my favorite delicate blooms, Sallie - I love a bouquet for the house! Wonderful photos.

Sally in WA

Those hydrangeas are beautiful, Sallie. I have a white one in the front yard but wish it was one of the colored ones.


they really are gorgeous. :)


Hydrangea blossoms always take my breath away, Sallie, but none more so than your bountiful pictures here.


That has always puzzled me, how some bushes can have both colours.

Luna Miranda

yes, hydrangea is beautiful in any color. the purple is my favorite.



Sorry, the Link in my above comment is not showing...
Do see:

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - my mum used to put iron nails under the roots of these plants to make them change colour. I wonder where she learned to do that.

Stewart M - Australia

PS: thanks for the multiple comments!

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie
I am sure that this blog would be a joy to both my grandmothers. Both loved "hydrangeas", however they only had the variety in photo#1. Their policy was that being so easy to grow they would "hide" things! ????
They grow here from Tasmania right up the East (Pacific) coast and they grow inland also - just give them some water.
I can only presume that they do the same on the West Coast and probably grow in Darwin!
Heaps of "hydrangeas" grow in gardens in my area but all like photo #1. Seems they are a very durable plant.
We had them growing all over the garden in the mid-north/west of NSW. I think, from recall of way back, that you did something to the stem before putting them in vases, they would last for a long time. Maybe some other viewer might know of this???
Photos 2 and 3. Well I have never seen this variety, they look magnificent. Great blog again. Many thanks.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: 7.30pm Friday 27th.
No rain, glorious sunshine all day. Coolish but the thought of August approaching - yeaks! Never visit Australia in this month. Cold,windy and just plain miserable.

NatureFootstep Photo

the second one is my favourite. It´s a very nice flower and a great shot.


What gorgeous flowers! I found the reason for the blue and pink flowers on one shrub at:
It's in the paragraph "How do I change the colour..."

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