July 22, 2012


Kate Shrewsday

The predominance of blue is just so fresh, I feel as if I have had that glass of wine myself! Lovely post.


There's no "just another...' about this! ;-)

Rita aka Cashjocky

Admittedly, our life is like one continuous vacation as we are now retired but it has been anything but relaxing and carefree for a while now. I would so enjoy a few days of R&R spent in such an idyllic setting.

Magical Mystical Teacher

You have, I think, the best of all possible worlds!

Mary Howell Cromer

Aah a time to rest, reflect and enjoy the memory of the day gifted~


you put together the best collages

Maria @ LSS

Wonderful pics! Happy RT2!

Mine's here.


Beautiful photos.

My entries:
Moms... Check nyo

Leslie Hayes

How wonderful! A day on the lake sounds so peaceful! Very pretty.

Rambling Woods

I need a place to sit like that..sigh..


such a lovely, undeveloped spot.....just the place to chill out....


Ahhh, the perfect ending to a perfect day!



What a wonderful place to unwind.


I love your thumbnail photos and the beautiful mosaics you so artistically created, Sallie.
Nicely done :)


Fantastic photographs, fine balance sheets of ships. I am greeting


Beautiful set of images very nicely arraned.

Rainfield (雨田)

I am happy too to have another beautiful day.


I'd love to be sitting by the lake with you, Sallie - a glass of wine would be nice...

laura k

aaaaah...looks like a great way to unwind at the end of the day...nice spot to relax.
i'm easily entertained too. :)


It sounds a wonderful life of retirees. Good luck to you and keep up the hard work of enjoying yourself all week so that you can relax on Friday evenings . It was nice of them to put on an air show for you.


That sounds like a perfect way to end the week--even if you're retired. Hope to get there some day! Beautiful photos.


I cant wait for this to be me, with Memories of what Friday was! Beautiful images.

Jenn Jilks

I know what you mean! We had our car in Friday, all I could hear was the young people saying "It's Friday!"
For us, Friday means that the tourists are on their way!!!


Great shots, looks relaxing..:-)

Mickie Brown

It looks like you are having a lovely summer. Thanks for your nice comments. Unfortunately, we are in a drought here (as is a lot of the nation). I do try to keep the plants in pots on the patio watered and blooming, but the rest of the yard is pretty dry. There is always the Botanical Garden to visit if I want to see some gorgeous flowers. Take care and enjoy the lake. Mickie :)


Beautiful views of the lake in the late afternoon light.

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie. This gives me a good "giggle" - "Yellow Mellow" is a nickname, I have been given. You might have noted it on blogs of Diane B????
Seems strange to me that I was in the Eugene area, way back, and have no recollection of seeing any lakes??? But I was up in the hilly areas with a US Viet. Veteran to visit his family on their "farm"!!!! The US Viet.Veteran stayed on R & R at our country hotel in the 1970's in country NSW.
A long funny story that one, I can tell you, with an almost tragic gun disaster! Lesson learnt: Don't fiddle with antique derringer little guns, they might have a bullet that no-one knew was in it!
Great photo shots, especially the old war planes of WW 2. flying over the lake. Maybe they were giving you to a welcome back salute? Or is that too far-fetched - ha ha!
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: 7.20am Monday 23rd July.
Presently sunny and cloudless, but going on the last couple of days, it will be cloudy and rain threatening by noon!

Gemma Wiseman

These collages create such a beautiful atmosphere! Love the soft shadows round the wine glass!


Beautiful shots. Makes me want to go sailing or then again the glass of wine looks appealing too.


beautiful. i love the white sails - so pretty. and i love a glass of wine and relaxation time, too! :)

Sally in WA

What a great place to sit back and enjoy the view!


Looks idyllic, a perfect start to the weekend. Have a good week: at last, the sun is shining here too!!!!!

Jenny Short

I like the long evening shadows with the glass of wine. I could kick shoes off there and watch the boats and sunset. xo Jenny

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