July 23, 2012



J'apprécie ce style de village qui me fait penser aux villages troglo dans mon Anjou

Joe Todd

Linda and I were just there. Checked out the loop drive,
Spruces Tree and, Cliff Palace.. In doing the climbing I could tell we were at a higher elevation LOL.. Great place to take some very interesting photos...

NatureFootstep Photo

It gives you a feeling of being small and insignificant when you visit places like this. The building is still there, the buidlers not.

Carol Carson

I had just left a comment on Dina's post, wondering what future generations will see of our presence here on earth, when I came to this. The fact that such an effort has been made to preserve this spectacular site is really encouraging. I loved this post, the keyhole windows, the thought of families working from their balconies, the feeling of slipping into another time. Messa Verde is now on my hope-to-see-some-day list!.


How magnificent this is and how I long to someday visit Mesa Verde. Thanks for taking me there through your photos and words, Sallie.


Your pictures make me feel like I am there with you. They are wonderful. I have always wanted to go here. I know you are so glad you went on the toughie hike...what a view at the end. I would definitely want to go back to see more. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. genie

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Your photos take my breath away. Talk about living with the landscape!

(Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog!)

Rita aka Cashjocky

I like how you used the term "virtual traveling." I will have to remember that description, because that is what I do with so many blogs. As I have written probably to many times (to the same person) it is the only way I get to see the world.

Your photos are excellent and you narrative is even better. I feel as if I was standing right beside you.

The first shot in some ways reminds me of the scaled models of places I've seen in museums with statues of little people added to the scene.


Wow, you had an amazing journey there! Even if you didn't get to see everything, what you did see was phenomenal. I remember leaving Italy remarking that we'd have to go back because we missed so much. It was impossible to see it all. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip!


Fantastic shots, Mesa Verde is on my buckett list of places to photograph..:-)


These photos are excellent-and your fitness fantastic. Many congrats!


These cliff dwellings look amazing, thanks so much for the virtual tour.


This is so fascinating. The history of the places we travel always is intriguing, amazing to see those key hole shaped windows, people then sure were highly artistic.

Many thanks for sharing another wonderful post Sallie, I absolutely love my travels here... because all these are places, I doubt I'll ever get to see in person :-)

Stewart M - Australia

What a great place – it’s on my bucket list.

I think being in these places firmly puts down the lie that older civilisations were primitive. I like to see what our buildings will look like when they are this old!

Stewart M

PS: another wordy post for your delight is waiting on the web!


Yes this La Mesa dwellings are famous, just like the Anazazi and those in Turkey. I wonder how those people climbed their dwellings before, how do they bring water and where did they get it. It is really an amazing ingenuity of our old people. It is good that the area is not in the ring of fire to be far from the earthquakes.


What a fascinating place! Lovely shots.


Most amazing and it must give you a very humble feeling of continuity, Sallie. Thank you for sharing these wonderful travels.


Long house was my favorite site, to be in and feel surrounded by memories. I used to play my okarina in the large plaza below and the tones danced around the buildings and alcove. Was a magical place to work and be. Thanks for reminding me.


My mom and I visited Mesa Verde when we went on Our Great Adventure...BUT like you say there is no way to see it all...A def must return at some point. Awesome photos and good for you that made the hike!

Sally in WA

Thank goodness for Teddy Roosevelt. No telling what this place would look like today if not preserved. Great pictures, Sallie. Definitely need to put this one on my bucket list.

Krystal S

This is one of the most fascinating places to visit. We hope to go back and see it again sometime too. Loved your pictures and what you did share about it.

Rambling Woods

This is just stunning Sallie...Michelle

Colin Huggins


Didn't appear. Well just google Mesa Verde and it can be seen.

Colin Huggins

That is a most informative blog entry. Thank you very much.
It is so good to know it is heritage listed as a National park.
I googled the place, it sure is worth doing if you are really interested in the history side etc.

Well done Sallie and many thanks.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: 7.15am Tuesday 24th July. Fine sunny morning but if it goes the same as the last 4 days, it will cloud over and maybe rain a bit at night


it's just amazing, sallie. like hallowed ancient ground.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Oh, these brought back so many memories of my first trip to Mesa Verde!! Such an incredible place and such wonderful history! Terrific captures, Sally!!


Really interesting post.


What great shots, this is high on my list of places to visit while I live in Colorado.

Boom & Gary

Another great post Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


What a fascinating post. I enjoyed the history and photography.

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