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July 13, 2012



What fun. I love peekaboo shots.


At first, I thought I had clicked onto the wrong blog, Sallie. I clicked again, and here you are with a fresh new look! Wonderful to see along with these big eyes staring down from the tree.


Cute little guy.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

I am beguiled!

EG Wow

Very cute!


Raccoons are so darling. They can be mean and snarly but still cute while they are doing so!



Although ultimately they are very mean creatures...they sure are quite and very photographic ;)


So very adorable, but I can't say that I am a fan of them.


Really sweet shots, I like your new blog look, its very nice!!


I love that first shot! What a cute face!


awww. that's too cute for words. :)

Colin Huggins

Great shot but is that "ringtail" a possum???
We have ringtail possums here and they don't have the
markings of this fella!
As kids we had a ringtail possum as a pet. The mother had been killed by a car, so we had the little "he/she" from the pouch stage. Named the "he/she" ( strange that no-one looked??), Poi Poi! Poi Poi lived in a sock until big enough to come out. Poi Poi loved to sit by the kitchen sink and eat the peelings. Have you ever seen how delicate possums are when eating??? They possess the most impeccible manners! Poi Poi had one unpleasant habit, "he/she" would run up your legs - OUCH! and sit on your shoulder.
Poi Poi graduated to the bird aviary, then to free range.
Always was around for meal times.
Poi Poi turned out to be a Miss! She got pregnant.
So it was decided that Miss Poi Poi would be released into the wilds. Result much tears and wailings!
She was taken out a long way from home and shown a big gum tree. Off she went straight up it. I think she might have been happy???
That was the last possum pet! I might add that possums are also extremely clean!
Great post and great memories.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: Presently 8.30am Sunday 15th. Anything could happen!


Awwww! Precious little guy. Those eyes and that face. Oh, my. What great shots!

Squirrel Queen

This little guy is just adorable. I love your first shot of him peaking over the limb.



Rambling Woods

so cute

Sally in WA

He's so darn cute. :-)


oh my gosh! that first one is adorable!!!

love the new blog look! really, really, really nice!!!

Rainfield (雨田)

The critter looks so cute.


Sallie, I like your blog's new look. Very Nice! Your critters are great too. I can catch the raccoons on my deck every evening. They are piggies. Great shots, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - nice shots and a nice new look for the blog - I think it may be time for me to "spring clean" mine!

We have been in North Queensland for a week. A rather wet week was had by all - but I did see some good stuff; pictures to follow. Thanks for the comments of the last week - all posts were set up before I left. No decent internet access, so I just stopped looking for a week – now I’m catching up!

Stewart M – Australia

PS: I think that its “platypuses” – but it such a clumsy word I just used ‘platypus’ as both singular and plural!

Rita aka Cashjocky

Wow! you have given your blog a facelift. I like the new look. I also like your photos of the Ringtail. I have never seen one except in pictures. Lucky You.


A new look Blog-and unexpected shots! You live in a fascinating spot!!!

Lady Fi

What lovely shots!

And your blog has had a total make-over! Nice.


What a cute face ! I can only see them in a zoo here in Belgium !

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