July 09, 2012


Clair Z.

I see the similarities to the petroglyphs I just visited and wrote about at Three Rivers, New Mexico. My favorites always are the handprints. Such a direct link to the past!


Hi Sally, I am enjoying your posts and even your new blog format. I am still hibernating, and I am not sure when I will be back full time blogging. Work, work, work.

The Southwest fascinates me, and I am loving your photos of the pictographs. I hope someday I can visit the four corners.

Keep the pictures coming, in the mean time, just enjoying your beautiful photos.

Take care

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Now that's some seriously old-school graffiti!


Amazing photos! Even if the last one made me a little sad.


How fortunate that there WERE any descendents to tell the tragic tale after this attempted genocide! Amazing pictographs.


Wow, these are amazing, it really make you think back to how these people lived before the horrible injustice.


the hand prints are so striking
I can sense people that were there so long ago
these are all beautiful shots!!


Great shots of these amazing pictographs!


Your Navajo guide might have used the word Anaasází, but the friends you met at the Acoma Pueblo might prefer a different word.

Lindy MacDuff

Wonderful images of the pictographs and petroglyphs. I love Canyon de Chelly and hope we have the opportunity to visit it again some day.

Patricia Lichen

Oh! Petroglyphs and pictographs are so fascinating! I think for me it's that certain knowledge that someone stood in this very spot so long ago, and left this sign. That direct connection to--and communication from--the past (which although we mentally know really happened, otherwise seems so unreal...).


I know I have Native American heritage in my genes but it's hard to trace. From dreams when I was very young to today I have always felt very close.
Someday I'd love to see these. Thanks for sharing with us Sallie!


I find things like this so incredible. It's interesting to see what they thought was important enough to draw.


I was watching something on the Discovery Channel about pictographs this week - so this is most timely as added information


Great photos and an interesting story to boot! I think we've been here, too. I'll have to ask my husband. We've been to a few places that had hieroglyphs.

Luna Miranda

absolutely fascinating! how lucky you are to see these up close.

Pam :)

After so many years it is amazing how clear they still are.
I wonder what future generations will think of what our 2012 world left behind.

Gemma Wiseman

Love seeing images of rock paintings like this! So fascinating, trying to understand the context and the symbolism. I have only seen tree trunks cut out here to create a coolamon - water carrier - but have only seen Aboriginal rock art in books. Loved this post!


I've always wanted to our that area! Great shots and nice bit of history!


Very interesting ! the first "graffitis" in human history :) !


We enjoyed our visit to Canyon DeChelly last year, it's a very interesting place.


You have touched my heart here with these, Sallie. I love pictographs. A local artist does paintings of them from her journeys to Canyon DeChelly and one graces a wall. I would love to visit this ancient place some day.


This is a fascinating post, I would love to see these!

NatureFootstep Photo

so very beautiful ancient signs. And well potographed. :)


Hi Sallie, it is good to see you in my inbox!

You have been seeing a lot of really interesting things. I love these shots of the pictographs. I think man just has to say "I was here" sometimes!

The last several posts were fascinating. I've never been to this region, I think it belongs on my list!

Lynette Killam

Love these shots, Sallie! I've done a bit of travelling around this area but have yet to see Canyon deChelley...thanks for the tour...:)


These petroglyphs have been so publicized many times and i've seen it not only 2x, but it is fascinating everytime, even here in your photos. I wonder why of all moments it just suddenly occurred to me that maybe the children were playing and they were fascinated with the knowledge of the color when placed on hand and printed on the stones!


Wonderful and interesting post! I loved seeing those pictographs, they have so much of antiquity in them and seem to tell a tale of their own. The last bit of history is really sad to hear though.


An amazing place-eerie too with some of its sad history.


What an amazing area-eerie too with some of its sad history.


Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Lady Fi

Amazing pictographs! So sad too as a lot of history is.

Carol Carson

Such a sad history, but amazing that the pictographs and petroglyphs have survived to tell the stories. It seems, man has always needed to record for future generations. Very interesting to read this. Thank you!


Very interesting post.I would love to see them someday:).Have a great week ahead.


Rambling Woods

I am very interested in Native American history of late and this is a wonderful post Sallie


So very interesting and so sad! Fascinating seeing all the different symbols on the rock. They definitely left their mark.


I didnt get to go down into the canyon when I visited...seeing this awesome rockart makes me want to return and take the guided tour. Awesome post!!! I have a huge interest in Navajo mythology and have visited many of the wonderful sites on the reservation.


the drawings are just amazing to me. ancient and almost sacred. your last paragraph is a sad piece of history.


The pictures are similar to some of our native cave paintings. Our ancestors who did awful things to the native populations are not to be proud of, but I guess they were the times. I can't believe in todays times there are still people killing each other like in Syria.


Very cool images, Sallie! The pictographs are amazing to me. And the rock formations are that lovely red color. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

Colin Huggins

Sallie! Absolutely fantastic. The first couple of photos just look like the aboriginal markings that we have here on rock formations etc. The deer and horses gave the Aussie connection away. The aboriginals have kangaroos,winged flying birds and emus. All sites discovered here are protected, no doubt just like this Navajo site. They are called sacred sites of the "Dreamtime".
Maybe another Aussie can elaborate further, I have only seen one small site near Sydney.
Many thanks for this great, informative post.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: 7.45am Tuesday 10th July.
I think many areas in the USA where there is soaringly high temperatures and no rain might like it? Just plain miserable with drizzle rain! We don't require any more rain here.


Nice shots, these are fascinating and I'd love to see them.


Great and interesting series.
Beautiful shots!
Thanks for sharing.
Wish you a wonderful summer, Sallie.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Stories like this make me very sad. They illustrate pits and pieces of what I believe is the worst in our history, and, show us that some of our ancestors were not the civilized and caring people I would have liked for them to have been. But, every life event has a dark side that goes unnoticed until the passage of time allows us to look back freed from the crippling emotions of the time.


I love pictographs and have made several posts about them. I've yet to visit this place though. You are really making me add on to my "must visit" list. thanks!


Wonderful post of a part of the world I will not likely get to see. Very sad about what colonizers do to the indigenous peoples.

Boom & Gary

Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


I have never been to this part of the world and know nothing of the history. Thank you for sharing this fascinating post. Those wal drawings are incredible.

Sylvia Kirkwood

The things we have done in our history are pretty terrible! This is such a beautiful and historical place and your photos are terrific, Sallie! I have been there before and am still deeply moved. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great week!



Great shots and a fascinating post. Such an interesting, although sad history and I loved seeing the pictograms.

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