July 05, 2012



What a fantastic natural wonder! These dunes look absolutely awesome!


I've never been to Great Sand Dunes. The dunes seem higher than those in Death Valley. You got some great images, love that second one.
I don't think I want to drive that far though I have considered flying to Denver and visiting some of the scenic areas in Colorado.

NatureFootstep Photo

nice photography Sallie. And a very interesting place. I would love to visit it.


What an amazing place! I know that I went there as a kid, but I have no memories of it. VERY nice photos! there are so many places that I need to see... Just not enough time!

laura k

wow! what gorgeous pictures! especially the first one...with the sky & mountain views! AND the last picture...looks like a WAVE of sand...

Karen, UK

What an amazing place, thanks for sharing. Nice to see a blue sky as well.


What stunning images...beautiful contrasts, and so serene looking.


Such beautiful landscapes!

Mary Howell Cromer

Oh wow, incredible!!!

Sandy Carlson (USA)

These are beyond amazing. Thank you!


Wow they are interesting dunes and clouds. The patterns mess with my eyes. Great shots.


Beautiful shots.
Love the patterns.
Have a great weekend.

Rambling Woods

Just beautiful..love the patterns

Sally in WA

Awesome photos, Sallie!


Fascinating effects of the dunes-very well captured!

Clair Z.

Wow! That second shot is truly amazing.


I have to say Wow with my mouth in a O shape.

The pattern and colour of the sand are simple amazing.


Fabulous, one would never believe that dunes, shifting sand, can provide one with a constant. All the dunes I have met to date, and I've see a few, wander like the seven tribes of Israel.

Sallie, our farmers' market sells locally grown produce, vegetables, great citrus fruits, organic, free-range pork, eggs, lamb, beef, fish from the nearest port, olive oil, grape products, and in the summertime, masses of delicious and reasonably priced strawberries and raspberries. Also boutique breads, cakes, chocolates, cheese, and smallgoods, home made curries and much, much more.


Very cool, an everchanging ecosystem..:-)


Sallie, the sand dunes are amazing and the sky looks beautiful. A cool sight to see. Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day.

Stewart M - Australia

WOW. They really are big - the little speck people in the final shots are great.

Thanks for the comments on both blogs - with luck a "wordy" blog post will go up tonight. It’s about my continued quest to see platypus.

Stewart M

Rita aka Cashjocky

Simply remarkable captures. I love that second shot. Reminds me of the cealing pattern of the dome at the planetarium.

Lady Fi

Amazing! Great shots of the sand dunes... they look like artwork close up.


Wonderful photos, I want to revisit this place sometime. The one time I was there a wildfire was burning nearby making for some fascinating skies!


The Sand Dunes are a favorite of mine. That second photo is awesome - an optical illusion!


This is the first time I have seen pictures of the dunes. What a wonderful sight they must be in person.
Beautiful photos and post, Sallie.


Whoa! Beautiful images. Thank you for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!


Amazing pictures Sallie, - especially the first.


holy smokes! they're beautiful! like a swishy watercolor painting!


How I've enjoyed catching up on your recent posts, Sallie. These dunes are absolutely phenomenal to view here and I'm certain even more so in person.


I think you're messing with us with that sand cloud sky. Excellent!


Very poetic post. It is amazing how the dunes reach so high into the sky.


Beautiful and interesting pictures!

Colin Huggins

Very interesting indeed, so I googled Great Sand Dunes.


Mainly out of interest to see if any economic development was carried on - mining! Seems not in this area. Also gave locations of other World sand dune areas. I am sure that controlled mining of sand is carried out in Australia.

A most educational blog report, Sallie. Well done and many thanks. I like to know everything about them. I think there is a reason for everything, especially when it comes to natural wonders.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Another fine sunny day and slightly warmer after a pretty chilly night.

Gemma Wiseman

Amazing views of sand and sky! The colour of the sand is intriguing!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Awesome captures, Sallie!! Incredible sand dunes and skies!! Wow! Have a wonderful weekend!


Boom & Gary

They're stunning and you captured them well. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Those are awesome Sallie!
That second shot looks like clouds.


Wonderful shots of sand dunes under the blue sky.

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