July 26, 2012


Joe Todd

Great photos as always really like the first one.. To many bad storms in Ohio this summer...

Rambling Woods

You need to frame one of these to hang..

laura k

beautiful scenery!
no way would i stay out on the water with lightning nearby!!

uh...maybe they need a sign! :)

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there – it’s not always the best weather that gives the best pictures! Nothing like a storm to give a place atmosphere. But it still hard to hear that people need rain - although the past has taught me how they feel.

Stewart M - Melbourne

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sure wish you could share your rain with us. Our state is now officially on the disaster list.


lovely set showing the oncoming storm


I just now lived thru another afternoon weather horror...these thunderstorms with their wind are horrible and we are getting every afternoon. Thank goodness it is gone and no damage. So glad you liked the post about the hikers and the hostels. They are located in little towns along the way. he has to get off the trails and walk into towns, but has a book with him listing all of them. He HATES the dorm rooms...he is too old for them. Last night her was supposed to get a private room. These place inexpensive, cater to the hikers, and have heat, water, and big breakfasts. All the hikers have their names and every time they come to a lean-to on the trail they sign in. That is a way to find them if need be. I think he is heading out in the morning, but will post his photos as he sends them back to me. Your storm-a-comin’ shot are beautiful. The skies really tell the story. genie


beautiful skies and lovely landscapes.


Beautiful! Clouds seem to write their own songs, don't they, especially as a storm approaches.


I love it when the sun catches something and turns it pure gold,as in your second capture! I sure would not want to be out on the lake in a thunder storm!


A great set of photos. I used to love watching a storm in Switzerland, with the lightning bouncing off the mountains! Not so great if flying...


I'd prefer to be on land during a big storm. Nice captures.


Beautiful views, I love that last shot.


Great shots, it rained pretty good last night in the Chicago area with lots of thunderboomers and lightning.:-)

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie
As by now date, you and your viewers will have probably noted that I am not into the "intensity or brilliance" of the photography. As long as I can see the picture, that's all I worry about.
I am more interested in the topography, geography, environmental and the historical aspects. And you do an excellent job on these.
Storms coming up and staying on lakes in sail boats, I don't think is a good mix!
In photo #1, are those bushes overhanging the lake, Blackberries?
Great post indeed.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: 1.00pm Friday 27th.
Clear and sunny! Fingers crossed that for the weekend it will stay this way.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Weather drama. I love it! The light intensity is wonderful.


All the weather drama made for some fantastic photos! Love the last one because of the contrast of the white sailboat against the dark sky. Very nice!


Wonderful photos! And you captured the end of the rainbow! How cool is that!?


Love the threatening sky! I wouldnt want to be out on the water in a strom..

J Bar

These are great.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Sylvia Kirkwood

Great captures for the day, Sallie! I love the sailboat and the dramatic skies! Happy SWF! Hope you have a great weekend!


the bright sailboat against the darkness is striking! glad they didn't get 'struck!' :) that first shot is beautiful!

Rambling Woods

What a beautiful view..I misspoke on my blog post.. Injured Mama duck and her ducklings are fine. This was another Mama who showed up with younger ducklings and I can't figure out what happened to her or to one of her ducklings...


Absolutely stunning sky and scenery shots.


really looks like a thundertorm coming. Love that glowing sailing boat and the rainbow.

Magical Mystical Teacher

With skies like that, it would be hard to leave!

Sally in WA

Not gonna catch me out on the lake in the thunderstorm! You had a great view of the storm coming in.

Boom & Gary

Great clotures!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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