July 19, 2012


NatureFootstep Photo

this is really a great view. And the sunset is gorgeous. :)

You have a new layout for your blog. I like it.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sallie, I can see why you live the life style you do. You get to have the best of both places without all the mess that bad weather brings to either.

Wonderful share today.


Looks like the perfect spot to spend summer, Sallie! Great shots.

Boom & Gary

Beautiful series, Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Krystal S

You really do get the best of both worlds, getting to enjoy both coasts! We are way overdue for the West coast, so it is nice to enjoy it through your pictures.


This was a fantastic sequence of beautiful sky and mountains.

laura k

aaaaah. gorgeous views!! happy hiking!


And it is good to be weekend again.

Hiking, blogging...

So good.


Fortunate indeed, this looks like my sort of place.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - very nice pictures. Are the lines of dots under the moon radio towers or something similar?

Stewart M


Fantastic photographs, fine views, I love such views. I am greeting

J Bar


Peter B

I love that huge moon low on the horizon. Great shots!


Those views really are just fabulous!


Yes, I think so too, - a perfect place to spend the summer, Sallie. Your photos are gorgeous.

Rambling Woods

It sounds and looks perfect for the summer Sallie..Michelle

Sally in WA

You are so lucky so to have such wonderful views, Sallie.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Gorgeous captures for the day, Sallie!! Such superb, breathtaking views! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Enjoy a great weekend!


beautiful skies and the views are breathtaking. great place to spend the day.


That first pic is sensational! I'd love to visit there some day. Wow!


Spectacular views, indeed, Sallie. I would want to just sit with these views for hours on end.

Colin Huggins

Well now that I know where Fern Ridge Shores are and that the water is "mossie" free, I think the shots of Oregon are incredible. I suppose the white lights under the moon are lights on telecommunication towers? The white topped conical mountains in the distance just create more grandeur.
Indeed a beautiful area of the USA.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: Please sit down. Another day of sunshine. 9 celsius to 21 celsius. BUT, there is always now this BUT factor, maybe showers late. Must keep the ducks happy - ha ha!

Lavender Dreams

How amazing! I so want to travel this Fall! You see so many things you could never see sitting at home! ENJOY!


That looks like an incredible spot, lovely photos. It doesn't look like summer on those mountains in the background!


Everywhere you've stayed seems lovely, or fascinating in it's own way. Here, rain and storms continue-though summer is forecast to return at the weekend!


holy smokes! i was admiring the soft layers of blue until i hit your 3rd shot! holy smokes!

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