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August 06, 2012



Oh, my gosh, they are so cute. Amazing to me that you are a great-grandmother. You aren't that much older than me, but I started late. :<)

Rambling Woods

Awwww..they are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NatureFootstep Photo

so far I donĀ“t have great grandchildren. And it seem to take a while longer. Would be nice though. :)

Sandy Carlson (USA)

What a completely gorgeous family! So cool to stay cool!

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sallie, great shots and what cute great grands you have.

I have to enjoy my great nieces and nephews while they are this age. It will be another decade or more before my grandson even thinks of having children.

How lucky you are to have these kids in your life.


What happy looking children.


What precious faces, each one a cutie.


A great place for kids to play and be kids. Wow great grandparents already.It must be fun to have so many generations in the one place at the one time.

Stewart M

Ah, crazy kids hanging upside down in trees - I think my kids were in training for some "upside down olympics" last summer!

Nice pictures!

Stewart M

Pam :)

What handsome great-grandsons you have Sallie.. look at those sweet innocent smiles. Five acres is perfect for them to expend their boyish energy in.


Wow! these boys are having really great time.


Such fun and precious times with family! The boys are having a gala time and so are you! Lovely pictures, all of them. Enjoy, Sallie! Wish you a wonderful time :)


What sweet boys, Sallie, - you must be really enjoying your time in Oregon, and lovely to see the little ones outside having such fun.


Great shots of your adorable great-grandchildren. I know you enjoy them.


Sallie, these are so fun! Bet you had a ball photographing these cute, energetic young ones.


What handsome boys they are, Sallie, and they look like they are having fun. Enjoy!


SO Happy to see these kids out REALLY playing and climbing trees, now thats how we grew up and its the best. Great shots!


I am sure your great-grandsons are having lots of fun running around your place. They are all handsome boys, great shots.

Colin Huggins

Great "active" photos of the boys, Sallie.
Kids these days spend far too much time in front of TV
screens etc. Nothing like fresh air to stimulate their
minds and bodies. Tree climbing and swinging is great fun.
Must admit (ha ha) that I am a bit too old for that now!
All my grand nephews and nieces are all sports mad, they hardly ever watch TV.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: 8.00am Tuesday 7th.
Perfect - fingers crossed that the winds don't come.
Today being Tuesday is Toowong shopping day - please no ferals on the trains (one can but hope!)

Willie Barton

That looks like a heck of a lot of fun for the youngsters right on up to the older ones.


What an ideal place you have for such active great-grandchildren. No wonder they love to visit, the joy really comes through in your photos.

Mama Zen

Adorable pictures!

Sally in WA

Handsome lads, Sallie. Have fun with the great grands.


Great photos...I always love family photos that can keep great memories. It's even better than travel photos:)



they are cute and active boys! :)


Great photos of the boys and it looks like they were having lots of fun.

Sylvia Kirkwood

A delightful family indeed, Sallie! And it does indeed show in the photos! Wonderful and I love those smiles! Hope you have a great week!!


Great family photos - it sounds like a fun time! No great-grandkids here yet...

Boom & Gary

You have such a wonderful family. It shows in the photos. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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