August 29, 2012



Back to France for a while, I read all your posts and admire all your shots and your "new" blog. I'm happy to know thatall is allright at Canal cootage. The pictures we saw on the TV was so frightening !

Rambling Woods

I like the sign....those poor people who have lost there home..some having lost them before...

laura k

cute sign!!

we were surely lucky...but my heart goes out to all those in New Orleans and the surrounding area...who are, once again...dealing with all the rain & wind damage!


Haha, that sign is too funny. Glad you made it safely through Isaac's antics. Personally, I thought he was a bit of a wimp. But he sure wore out his welcome! Glad to see him go. Now I've got to clean up his mess outside. :(

Rainfield (雨田)

The sign is humorous.

If the owner is a blogger,his blog must be very interesting.

Lady Fi

A wonderful misty shot. And I love that sign.

Dina J

Glad all was well at your Florida home. Love the fog shot!


magnifique ce ponton sous la brume où j'espère que nous pouvons traverser sans danger


Sallie, I love the sign, very cute. I too am praying for those in the path of Isaac. Have a wonderful day!


That is such a great sign and it isn't one i've come across before.

Rita aka Cashjocky

I have a small magnet on my refrigerator with this same saying. I am relieved to learn that Isaac has spared your winter home. I have been concerned on your behalf.

We need the rain that is predicted to come this weekend but I do hope the wind damage and flooding does not come along with it.

Luna Miranda

the sign made me smile.:p
we had two typhoons over the weekend, today is sunny--yay!

Lindy MacDuff

Very cute sign! Glad to know you two are okay. Isaac's trail is supposed to come through our area around Saturday/Sunday. *Not* looking forward to it.


Great sign! Good to know that Isaac has been down graded, but nevertheless the damage looks quite severe. Glad you are here on the west Coast, Sallie.


There's a fun message in that sign. I'm glad you spotted it.


Sallie, I love that sign. I'm with you on wishing those who are affected by this storm will be safe.
BTW...Hope you are safe.


Love the sign! Hope you are doing well. All is calm here just wish the temps would start to cool off....enough of this hot, hot weather. Hope to see you this season. Judy


amen to that. :)


Great misty FL shot. I hope the hurricane fizzles before causing destruction.


We hope and pray for all those in harm's way right now. I am glad you cottage was spared, Sallie.


We lucked out. It did not come this way...at least not yet. I know you are happy you were spared. I lived thru many a hurricane when we lived in Palm Beach. My daddy was with the Corp. and was in charge of getting evacuated into the Breakers Hotel and the old Whitehall Hotel. They were so scary as a little girl. genie

Pam :)

I love both the sign:) and your foggy photo. Happy to hear all is well at your southern cozy cottage.
We had a lot of rain and wind also, but nothing was damaged.. thank the lord!


Glad you are safe and I love the sign!

Clair Z.

Glad to hear your place is safe!

Gemma Wiseman

Wow! A quirky sign that is creative and different! So glad you are safe! We heard about the hurricane in Australia too!


What a sign! I am glad your Canal Cottage is safe. I read the news and was worried for everyone in the hurricane area.


Definitely a sign worthy of a chuckle.
I am glad your place on the canal is safe and as you, my heart aches for those in harms way. Many of them have little to begin with.


Are you still in Oregon? - the better coast to be on at the moment!


You were indeed lucky ! The sign is funny !


Funny sign! I, too, pray that the people in Isaac's path are safe. BTW, your link for signs on Lesley's page is not working.


Although I don't have a dock that sign would fit in metaphorically in front of my house.

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