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August 18, 2012


NatureFootstep Photo

a beautiful little deer. :)


The deer eat whatever and wherever they want.

We shoot whatever and wherever we want.


So cute! I'm always afraid of deer on the highway. Had some close calls before.

Rita aka Cashjocky

A town here known as Town and Country have been having so many problems with the deer population that the city council voted to hire sharpshooters to thin the herd. Due to being inside a city hunting was not allowed and so the deer had no predators to naturally thin the herd. The "don't shoot Bambi" folks got enraged and protested so violently that the order was cancelled and then some months later reinstated after several people were killed in deer versus vehicle accidents. Seventy-eight deer versus vehicle accidents were recorded in 2010 and the count was rising last I heard in this very small town. The hunt happened last December but the problems continue.


My uncle had to erect an electronic fence around his garden. It was so frustrating to find all his vegetables eaten after all the labor he put into it. They are very beautiful, though. Great snaps!

Rambling Woods

Oh how sweet..have a good time on your coastal trip...Michelle


Such great photos, Sallie, and look at those black tails! Our little marauders here in the midwest have white tails, but, other than that, they look the same - and eat the same things, including my garden. We have a love/hate relationship, heavy on the love.

I see from your later post that you are off for a spell. Enjoy and "see" you soon.


Lovely shots, Sallie!


Nice photos - we share our roads with everything wild.


Sweet photos and wonderful captures, Sallie.


So, so adorable!


I love the shots of the deer. One of my sisters and my brother have had problems with deers eating up their gardens.


I'm so glad you all share space together
they're beautiful
great shots


Hi Sallie, I love seeing the deer and I would not mind them visiting my yard. The spotted fawns are just adorable, great shots.


Fawns look so cute with their white poke-a-dots. Lovely shots, Sallie.


Beautiful shots of the pretty deer!
They're so cute and I love to see them.
Have a great day, Sallie.


Nice neighbors, the four legged ones anyway.

Sally in WA

We were up in Winthrop earlier today and saw four deer including two fawns running across the field. Deer are a real problem in this valley. They say there are two kinds of people in the Methow...those who have hit deer, and those who are gonna. I've come close countless times!

Hope your weekend is going well!


they really are pretty! but i don't garden or keep flowers, either! :)

Sandy Carlson (USA)

These are priceless. I love encountering deer. Something really heavenly about the experience. Thanks for sharing!


HOW wonderful! I love deer except when they eat my plants...Sadly it will be deer hunting season soon, I dont like that!!! :o(


What neat captures. So cute these little deer.


The deer have invaded our little part of the world. Netting drapes many of my veggies, they love tomato plants. I let them eat the day lilies though. Most of the natural browse has turned brown and dry so I don't mind if they do a little pruning of the ornamental.


They are beautiful, especially when they are eating other people's gardens.


Lovely critters!


They are such lovely creatures to see! A flickr member on the Scottish Isle of Bute sees them in his garden too!


Deer are beautiful creatures - who can inadvertently be so destructive.
We used to have some in our area, but I think most of them have given up living in the suburbs.
Hope all who drive your road are very careful.

Lady Fi

Oh my - such pretty shots!

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