August 16, 2012



nature has this way of being so monstrous and so beautiful at the same time
incredible photos

Red Nomad OZ

Hey, don't overcomplicate it! Take your beauty where you find it!!


Sallie, you captured the hazy hues beautifully. I saw the fires on the news, its sad to see the devastation wildfires can cause.
I pray it rains soon to help fight the other fires.

Be well and happy my blog friend :)


That is bad news but super photos. It will be our turn soon when summer comes. I hope no one was injured.

Mickie Brown

Yes, it is dry everywhere. The haze and smoke in the sky do make for some beautiful sunsets, but I'd rather things would quit burning. Have a nice weekend--are you still traveling? Mickie :)


Wildfires are an unpleasant subject around here, as I'm sure you know from my blog (we lost 346 houses in the neighborhood around my office this summer). But they can make for impressive photos and unusual skies.


It has certainly been a summer of fires. You photos have an other-worldly quality to them that is, indeed, dreamy.

Emily B

That second-photo... out of a dream. Lovely.


Definetly dream like, by coincidence I cansee a ofrestfire from our terrace again this evening. :(

Lady Fi

Beautiful dreamy shots - but how awful to hear about the fires.

laura k

SO very sad about the fires...what a disaster!

but the smokey haze does make for nice pictures. i DO like the first one very much...dreamy...not nightmarish...


Evocative skies-but troubling about the fires. I trust you are safe?


Such beautiful skies!! Love the colour. :)

Amit Agarwal

The second one is awesome though!
Please see mine at: http://amitaag.blogspot.in/2012/08/sky-watchalone.html

Rita aka Cashjocky

Great shots all. But, the colors in the first one is certainly my favorite. In fact I painted our office in blues and tan.

Stewart M

Forest fires (bush fires as we would call them here) must be such a terrible thing to have to experience - and the pink toned skies that they produce are not really a compensation (nice as they are!)

cheers - Stewart M


The first picture looks like a pastel painting !


Wonderful shots. The sky has been painted.


Sallie, we are actually getting haze from your fires. Great photos, but I hope the fire is soon contained.


That 2nd shot is amazing! Sorry it had to come from a fire, though. :( Glad it is now contained. This crazy weather we're having is just weird!

Sally in WA

Great shots, Sallie. I know how those fires can make things really hazy! Enjoy your weekend.


Forest fires make for spectacular though ominous skies... Great shots, Sallie.


The haze does make some pretty colors in the sky. I am sorry about the fire. I hope no one was hurt, thank God for the firefighters. Have a great weekend, Sallie!

NatureFootstep Photo

the haze brings a speciaal quality to photos, donĀ“t it?
They are gorgeous all three. :)

Rambling Woods

I have been reading about the fires in WA state and in other area...so sad...made for interesting colors in the photos.. stay safe...


i hate the fire danger that abounds for so many this year. but that 2nd photo of yours is absolutely gorgeous, regardless of the cause...

Boom & Gary

It looks great but it's too bad about the fires!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Amazing skies, just unfortunate that so many interesting skies have been created by the fires these past few weeks! I'm just so glad that they've been contained! Great captures, for the day, Sallie! Have a good and safe weekend!


The west seems to be afire this year.
Coming back from the cabin our last trip we spotted smoke off the forest service road we were traveling. Fortunately the fire fighters had spotted it as well and were already unlocking the gate that would give them access. It was out by the next day. This was one that didn't get away.


The hazy skies are very beautiful but I'm sorry about the fire. That's good that it has been contained.

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