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August 11, 2012



Beautiful summery series, Sallie!


What beautiful photos, Sallie. I love the deer and its sweet face.

Far Side of Fifty Photos

Hello from the Sunday Still group..Your collage of summer photos was beautiful..I love those blackberries and I understand they grow extremely well out in the PNW..lucky you..they are $3 a pint here:)

Kay L. Davies

I can well imagine summer in your part of the world, with the wild blackberries, fresh blueberries, corn, and visiting deer.
Delightful, Sallie.

OldOldLady Of The Hills

BEAUTIFUL Pictures and that Flowering Tree is Sublime! You live in a paradise, don't you? Isn't that just wonderful!
And it is so interesting that your Summer is cooler than where you spend your winters....Cool Is Good! We could use some 'cool' right now here in Sothern California....!


Lovely scenery that you share today! Wow, love the tree!


I always love flowering trees. You captured a young beauty in there. Lovely!


You have incredible views from your window, very nice variety.


Lovely shots! I'll take the cool of the Pacific Northwest anyday!!!!

Boom & Gary

Beautiful post Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


I loved the photos and your way of life. It seems you are one with nature from the inside of your RV.


Awesome shots! That flowering tree is so beautiful. Must be a magical place.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Just wonderful, beautiful captures, Sallie! Definitely the best of both worlds! I do love the deer! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a great week!

Rambling Woods

It is the best of both worlds I think Sallie


Fantastic photographs, I like to admire such views. I am greeting


One thing about traveling like you do, you always have summer!



I love your photos and your way of life sounds great to me. :)

Stewart M

Hi there - I think anywhere would be good if you get deer turning up to have a look around!

Cheers - Stewart M


What a great place to spend the summer.
Beautiful photos.
The Llama farm is a half hour drive from us. We've been exploring the area around us this summer.
Have a great day, Sallie.


Its always fun to spend some time in the garden amidst nature. In India where I live, its much of concrete and jungle and we generally don't find enough space for keeping gardens though we do keep a few potted plants in the balcony of our house. Yours is splendid, I would so love to help you pick a few of those berries someday. :)


je vais peut-être aussi y faire de belles découvertes cette aprème

Lady Fi

That flowering tree is so gorgeous. And what a great shot of the deer.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Love that flowering tree. I was surprised that your summer season is so far behind ours. But, I know you will enjoy those homegrown tomatoes when they arrive.


I agree its the best of two worlds! The deer in velvet is so pretty..The berries look yummy!!!

Sandy Carlson (USA)

What a great way to go! Beautiful post. Sure do love the photo of the deer.


Sallie, you are doing exactly what my hubby wants to do. He wants to winter in Florida and have the summer in the PNW. I enjoyed this post, the berries look yummy and the deer is a cutie. Hope you have a great week ahead.


I'm always sad when the summer is over. Love your take on my favourite season. :)


It looks like a great place for summer. Wonderful shots. I like all of them and the deer is great. Looks like you were up close. You're correct that the last shot on my flower post was rose of sharon (the last three were but each a different variety).


Sallie, it looks like you have found the best of both possible worlds; the south in winter, the northwest in summer, with all their beauty and bounty. This was such a wonderful post to see.


Beautiful photos of all those berries, nature and ofcourse the deer! /Susanne


It looks like a beautiful place, that's what I always think when I visit the Pacific Northwest.


You are lucky to have summer ! We have still very low temperatures for the season ! a raincoat is always necessary !
BTW you can find all themes until september in my sidebar just under my profile. There is written : List of Photo Hunting themes !


I hope to travel more,love your photo's.Having fun ain't that what it is all about.ENJOY!


I rather miss the PNW and all those delicious berries. Nice place to spend summer.


it sounds like a fantastic place to spend summers! beautiful instead of extremely hot and dry. :)


Your summer is still ahead of ours-the blackberries here are still small and green!

laura k

that's what i want to do...when we can retire...hop in our truck camper, and hit the open road!!

LOVE the deer shot!!


Great cool summer pics. You have the best of both worlds. So their summer is your winter. It must be good to escape the intense heat of a tropical summer. I love the look of those yummy blueberries.

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