October 02, 2012


Rambling Woods

Oh we have had issues here in NY with that algae and it can harm wildlife too. Hopefully the cooler temps will knock it out...Michelle


Although I do understand flood control it seems weird to have a lake/reservoir intentionally drained. Strange algae bloom. Yet it seems a bit warm here too.


to bad the birds canĀ“t read the sign. They should stay away too. But it seems to be a great way of using the lakes water.

Lady Fi

Must be warm if you still have a toxic algae alert!

Looks so lush and lovely.


Your lake reminds me of my stream ( really a water feature). We put it to bed for the winter a week ago. I miss it but the grasses that grow along its edge still sway in the breeze. Your weather is staying warm there. As you might have heard, it's turned cold in Denver.


The weather has turned here today, finally it has turned cool. A good day for a walk.


What a wonderful post, Sallie. A shame about the toxic algae alert at this lake. How exciting it must be, however, watching it change as the seasons do. It seems that we have all had odd weather patterns this year - a concern.


It has been unusually hot and dry in the northwest this year, Spokane has had over 40 days with no measurable precipitation, and everyone is concerned over the fire danger. That is, if they're not concerned because there is already a fire nearby!

Your marshy lake looks lovely, though, and the grebes seem unconcerned! Thanks for coming by!

Stewart M

Hi there - nice post. The ecology of these "here today, gone tomorrow wetlands" must be interesting - I suppose it would be like many of the wetlands here - they get no water for years and then flood.

I think the kites that you see in Texas are a different, but closely related species. So, if you ever get to see "my" kites they will be a new species!

Stewart M - Australia

PS: go get some bird pictures for next weeks WWB!


Great photo's, you are lucky it is still warm there , we have a lot of tain and wind but then it is autumn right.


That's interesting what they do with the lake ! That's an excellent use for summer and winter ! With the signs it's sometimes such a thing, they just forget to take it away especially when a street is repaired and it's still only allows you to drive 20km/h ! instead of 50.


I was thinking along the same lines as Theresa wondering about the critters left behind. Although I'm assuming some migrate.
That first shot is a beauty though - how wetlands should look I think. :)


Nice shots. I can't imagine temperatures like that in October, we may not get above freezing on Saturday.

Laura Hegfield

very interesting...I wonder if this will effect the fowl and fish ultimately...beautiful photos though.


Hi Sallie, is the algae part of this lake? If so, the looks could be very deceiving. I see so much green on the first photo. Its so beautiful!


I posted the other dayabout the algae on Ginty's Pond, and your disappearing lake reminds me of our son's, on the meadow in the Cariboo. They work in cooperation with the Beaver, if the Beaver is feeling helpful, and the water disappears in the summer to provide hay for the neighbours cows. Nice Post, Sallie.


It's so sad that the water is toxic but the view is still wonderful!


Interesting post. Although I don't think I need a sign to tell me to keep out of lakes. You couldn't drag me in there. Who knows what lurks on the bottom? :)
But I do like looking at photos of the top!


the sign is not too official looking

I love the meadow :)

it has gotten warm and humid here again, up to 80 tomorrow

Red Nomad OZ

I know I shouldn't say, but the blue-green algae does add a lovely colour!!!


Wonderful photographs, such observation it is great joy. I am greeting


Glad that you could take such beautiful pictures from a safe distance to share the beauty of the beginning of the fall with all of us here. That algae sure looks harmful especially to the skin. Though I hope the birds will be safe from its toxicity! Enjoy the season, Sallie :)


I wouldn't want to swim in that lake with the green algae. Glad that things are improving.


HI Sallie, I guess the algae alert helps. Looks like some grebes there, do not mind being in the lake. It is a pretty area, lovely shots.


Great photos of the lake and wetlands and very interesting how it is drained each year. Sorry your summer is almost over - but rejoice with me that ours is coming!


Yes! Summer is over, but you still show us some fascinating photos! Will you soon be heading back to the Canal Cottage?


That is nasty stuff. We had a blue/green algae alert in our local lake last summer. Does it smell and leave a sludge when they empty it?


Great view and captures, aside from the algae alert. Still good that the waterfowl are enjoying it. They seem to be immune to it.

Jenn Jilks

This seems so strange. We're not so into swimming these days.
Amazing how the birds manage. GREAT photos!


Today we had our first fall-like day. Boy, was I happy! Loved your photos and reading about the area. Seems like that sign should have been a more permanent one since the conditions were kind of serious. What if the wind blew it off? That's just me: worrier extraordinaire.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sallie this was a wonderful post and the photos are great. Reminds me of Eagle Bluffs here. It serves the same purpose. We visited there this weekend and the wetlands were so full of birds of all kinds and the duck hunters were out practicing with their dogs for the start of duck season next week.


i can't imagine the species that die off when they drain the lake - fish, turtles, insects, clams, frogs, etc.

Colin Huggins

What an interesting business with like "here today, gone tomorrow"!!!!
Just where does the water go? Certainly does seem like a plug business.
Is there a 'google' thing to read about this lake?
I would like to read more.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Very busy here today, preparing for tomorrow's departure.
Thank God it is fine today to get all the washing done.


Beautiful shots but that's a shame about the toxic algae.

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