September 26, 2012



I love your photos Sallie. These begonias are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with Today's Flowers and have a great week :)

Rambling Woods

My container ones are still blooming here..those are better looking though


I like these kind of begonias. I had some in my planters last year, but I didn't see any in the garden centre this time around. Maybe next summer.

Red Nomad OZ

Begonias are underrated as garden flowers, aren't they?!

Fitness Buff

Lovely blooms!

Nature in the Burbs

So lovely and colorful!


Lovely blooms!

Luna Miranda

love the colors!
gorgeous shots.


Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous.


what wonderful vivid colours!

Ingmarie We/Refugium

Lovely begonias you post here. So colourful.


What lovely photos/flowers. In UK., summer is almost over! We had a lovely, sunny morning and then back to rain-so thank you for the photos!!!

Lynette Killam

Lovely shots! we're fast losing our flowers under falling leaves, so your post is a welcome reminder of summer...:)


All I can say is wow and wow! Really awesome flowers. From FFF:
My entry: Flowers to make you smile:

Mickie Brown

Sallie, Those begonias are "outstanding"--such bright color. And, your photos of them are excellent. Where are you now -still "out and about" or headed home? Take care. Mickie :)

Rita aka Cashjocky

I love begonias. I have two large pots of white ones I have been bringing in each fall for years. This year I planted one of those hanging bags with the pink ones but I have never seen yellow ones. Nice capture.

laura k

AWESOME flowers!!! wow!! i LOVE the orange one!! i didn't even know that begonias got such gorgeous flowers! wow again!!

Mama Zen

Beautiful shots! I love begonias.


very beautiful!


What a lovely full bed of begonias. :)

Rainfield (雨田)

Beauties always attract people like you and me, and the birds.


Your begonias are beautiful.

Colin Huggins

Sallie, beautiful photos of this placed called Bend!
I think the bird shown was interest in the nectars of the begonia. I have a begonia in a pot, on my small balcony, it flowers all year long and due to the size of the pot, I can't move it, for new earth. Still it grows, now like in soil cement and blooms! Maybe I have a freak one - ha ha?
Why doesn't Bend promote all that it has??????
A real mystery to me. Surely there must be an answer?
So what is it?
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

Lady Fi

Wonderfully vibrant shots!


Fantastic photographs, wonderful flowers. I am greeting


What lovely sights to have when enjoying a meal! Wonderful capture of the bird, it sure does look to be enjoying a bit of both ;)

Stewart M

Hi there - nice primary colours in the flowers.

I think the BB must be eating something - almost all birds have no sense of smell.

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia


Lovely flowers, Sallie! The colors are pretty and I like the bird there enjoying the flowers too. Have a great day!


Beautiful flowers you show us here. The colors are fantastic. have a nice wekend

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