September 20, 2012



When I moved to NZ and found so many towns with no traffic lights at all--instead they have round-abouts--it took me a while to appreciate them. Now, I think round-abouts should be used everywhere there is little or moderate traffic. Yours are beautiful as are some in the larger cities.


Hi Sallie, these flowers are such pretty sight, spring to summer flowers are so colorful!

I agree with the round about, it makes people slow down around the curve.

Hope to be posting more photos, more likely not. I am just taking my time, explore the nature and wilderness.

Hope to be back in full swing!

Take care!

Rambling Woods

Oh my beautiful colors Sallie...

guild-rez - Canada

Wildflowers along the streets...
With bees and butterflies visiting, what a great idea.
Lovely pictures and thank you for sharing.

Fitness Buff

They are lovely to look at.


The flower beds are lush and filled with color. I really like the idea of the sculptures. I guess they give folks something to focus on when the flowers are gone. :)
Lovely shots Sallie!


Hello Sallie, silly me should have checked at TF because your photo is there. I think what may have happened is that the page has to be refreshed before it appears. However, my offer still stands and if you have any other problems, please let me know. Thanks so much for sharing with us, and have a great week.


These are beautiful!, I am so sorry there was a problem with loading at Today's Flowers. If you give me your permission to save one of these photos, or alternatively you can send me one at luvinwildlife@hotmail.com, whichever way would be acceptable to you I will be happy to put your link on Today's Flowers for you.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Those colors are wonderful.

Mary Pellerito

Bend, Oregon is on my list of places to visit. Enjoy your travels this autumn.

Lady Fi

Lovely flowers! We have flowers too on our roundabouts.


I think I would like to visit Bend. Those flower gardens are lovely, though I do not enjoy navigating roundabouts. I've enjoyed reading several of the posts I've missed, Sallie. Thank you.


They must be unexpected-and they are beautiful!


wow! love the english garden style! wish i had the patience to grow one!


We noticed many streets in Colorado Springs had roundabouts. I enjoyed them! These are lovely.


We have a lot of traffic-circles in France. Some of them are like yours very beautiful and a pleasure for the eyes... Others not !


A feast for the eyes!


It is amazing what a little planning and thought can do to beautify a town.

Carole M.

beautifully maintained

Pam :)

What a beautiful garden circle.. much prettier than the ordinary traffic circles.
I hope you weren't driving, Sallie :)
Be well- be happy and enjoy your journeys :)


Traffic islands like these look much better landscaped don't they.

Stewart M

Hi there - nice use of the patch of ground in the "traffic circle" - I assume that its what I call a 'round about'!!

Cheers - Stewart M


Sallie, the traffic circle looks pretty full of flowers. I am starting to love driving in the the traffic circles. Wish you a very happy weekend.


I am pleased that I can admire such views. I am greeting


Beautiful pictures ! our roundabouts here in Waterloo are also full of flowers and statues, it looks indeed so nice !


So beautiful!


Those are lovely, lush gardens. I remember the round-abouts from last time we were in Bend but not the lovely plants.


Gorgeous flowers - they remind me of the highways in Europe when we drove from Caen, up through Picardy and on to Njmigan, and the roads were lined with hardy roses - lovely~


Wow! That is alot of landscaping. What beautiful flowers. :)
I personally like traffic circles, you don't have to stop if no one's coming!


The flowers are very beautiful. I love to see roadside flowers.


I have read that Bend is one of the most desirable places to live....If they care that much about traffic circles.....wow great pix

Jenn Jilks

I love flowers ANYWHERE!!!!
Cheers from Cottage Country!

Rita aka Cashjocky

Lovely landscaping. We are starting to get more of the roundabouts here as well. But, the one at the High School gets a little hairy when the students are let out.

Colin Huggins

Bend citizens must be very civic minded as the gardens along the roadside shows. Great to see.
Some cities just don't seem to give a damn!
Here just to name two - Toowoomba, up in Great Divide outside Brisbane has magnificently preserved gardens looked after by the Council. Young in NSW, where my mother lives, is another. The main street here is just one great big display of roses and various other flowering plants. The great news is that no one tampers with the blooms. I believe civic pride makes a city or town.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

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