September 10, 2012


jazz guitar

I never imagined how much stuff you could find
on the internet about this! Thanks for making it all easy to take in


Such grandeur in these lanscapes and your photos show it off wonderfully, Sallie!


I'll send a link to your blog to my husband (in the room next door !). He wants to visit Oregon and I think your photos will be a good way to push him to go (with me !).


Beautiful nature.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Lovely photos. I have a cousin that lives in Eugene and keep hoping to get to visit her sometime. Must move that up the bucket list since she is ten years older then me. Would love to visit here as well.


What an amazingly beautiful place. Lovely!



What a beautiful area! Is this close to Portland? Surely my daughter must know about this place (she lives in Portland).


Oregon has always held a lure for me, Sallie, and your photos and words make it all the more attractive. The best of all worlds seem to be in Oregon.


All your photos tell me how wonderful the Central Oregon is! This broad area is full of nature energy and will recharge visitors. Makes me feel like traveling a place like this.
Have a great week!

Unseen India

This is so fantastic lovely !! Great post !!

laura k

wow. love the waterfall....breath taking views!!

Joe Todd

Hi.. Always nice to return to beautiful places with such great memories


Oh what fantastic scenery, I just love the waterfall.


Beautiful photographs, such views are enrapturing me. I am greeting


What a beautiful country and your photo's show it all. Wonderful.

Kay L. Davies

Mountains, waterfalls, and lakes. These are a few of my favorite things, Sallie. Thanks for the lovely photos!


What a beautiful place and spectacular scenery!


Gorgeous around Bend, La Pine and Newberry Crater. Many memories also.


Beautiful and scenic place. The natures beauty in abundance.


Beautiful photos of a beautiful part of our great country. I spent a ton of time in Oregon as a kid, but not much as an adult. I obviously need to get back there!


These photos are all after my heart. I love Idaho best, but Oregon is wonderful! I don't think I've ever been to those falls, they are beautiful.


I'm a big fan of that OR scenery! Looks like you had some sunny days, Sallie. We have friends who live in Bend, and they love it.


OH I want to see it so MUCH!! Oregon is one of the 3 states I have not had the pleasure of visiting YET...SOON as I finih my 62 yr sentence to work I will be going to see it!! GOD WILLIN. Your photos are so enchanting, I can see Im missing out on a lot of beautiful country!


Gorgeous photos, I'd love to spend some time exploring that part of the country.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

That sure looks like a wonderful place.


I love that picture of the waterfall.


We should coordinate better. Lisa and I were there two weeks ago. Went out Century Drive and it was the same thing: every campground, every pull out brings a memory. Also mosquitoes.


Beautiful photos Sallie, and your trip 'home' must have brought back so many wonderful memories.


Stunning photographs of this beautiful place. I love mountains and waterfalls and am looking forward to getting away in about a month to the NC mountains for a change of scenery. I haven't ever been to Oregon but I've thought it was someplace I'd like to visit one of these days.

Jeannette StG/Emille

I understand! Sometimes you just want a change of scenery! This is a beautiful one:)


Sallie, the waterfalls and lake are beautiful. My hubby would love to see the Salt Creek Falls. It is a gorgeous state to live in. Your photos are wonderful, thanks for sharing.


Now that's a waterfall! Gorgeous... I really hope to get to Oregon one day. Seems so far away though. :)

Lavender Dreams

I vacationed there years ago and would love to go back! There's so much to see! And it was the first time I had ever seen Shamrock's growing in the forest! Have fun!

Boom & Gary

What a beautiful place!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Ah, your photos brought back lovely memories of the years I lived in Oregon! Beautiful captures of a beautiful place and I do love the waterfall!! Have a great week, Sallie!

Luna Miranda

what a beautiful place! i love the trees and the waterfall.


Beautiful scenery! Love waterfalls. Bend looks like a wonderful spot in Oregon.


the falls are gorgeous, of course, but i so love those pines!

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