September 09, 2012



What an amazing place!


I never saw a landscape like this one ! Thanks for the discovery !

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sallie, you are a great tour guide. Thanks for taking us along on this lovely and informative trip.


Nice collage! And those snow capped mountains are awesome!

Joe Todd

Love the history of the CCC.. Neat place


Wow! Beautiful and extremely rugged looking scenery. Great photos...


What an awesome building, nice shots of (and from) it.


As you well know, I've been there a bunch of times - the Boy Scout Camp is just around the corner.

That mountain is Mt Washington. Andy might tell you that it's the mountain that really got him thinking about more "extreme" outdoors stuff, as he took older scouts climbing there. For me, it was the mountain you'd see the other direction from this one: The Middle Sister.
Mark might have way worse memories of Dee Wright: we were there once and it rained so hard, so cold, that everyone was hypothermic.


What a fascinating place to visit and you took some wonderful shots of it.

Rambling Woods

How interesting looking that is..

Lady Fi

Wow - what amazing scenery! Great pics.


a bit spooky I think.


really cool!


WOW! What an amazing place...for a second or so I thought you were in England, then I saw it was lava!

Very Cool!


Clair Z.

Marvelous scenery, Sallie. There are some fine projects done by the CCC in that area of the country. I often think the Corps should be revived in these difficult times, but wonder if anyone would be found who would be willing to do the labor.

We visited a lava field here in New Mexico this summer. Blazing hot, as you might imagine, with our desert sun reflecting off all those black rocks.


Those lava fields look like you were on another planet. Amazing pictures.


What a beautiful landscape. Looks like somewhere really out of this world! :)

Mary Pellerito

That is someplace I want to visit. When given lemons, make lemonade. : )


It is an amazing structure. The view must be gorgeous from the top. Thanks for sharing, looks like a great place to visit. Have a great week, Sallie!


The structure itself is so fascinating! The view from up there is gorgeous. I wish some care is taken so as to prevent the names, distances and commemorations to fade into oblivion. I miss all this in India, its great that I get to travel to such interesting places through your blogs :-) Thanks for sharing!


Fascinating-and great photos as always! It looks quite an eerie spot in places.


I had to look twice to see those people walking down from the top. It has a medivial look to it.
I really like how you share things that are out of the ordinary from regular travels. I get to live vicariously through you. :)

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