October 08, 2012



Just shows if you give them food they will come no matter were you are. Nice post.


I often think about putting a birdfeeder on our deck but never get around to it. Nice shots!


For me, birds feeding is the great joy of winter time ! Last one a lot of birds was all around the feeders and it was a pleasure to saw all of them. Soon they will come back and the robin is already flying near our house...

Lady Fi

A lovely series of bird shots!

Mary Howell Cromer

I love the whole travel thought, but to have to not have my bird feeders...glad you came up with a good plan~


Sallie, Nice feeder captures! Feeders would be my one item to miss also.:)

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Your images remind me of the joy of seeing my first yellow finches at my dad's feeder. What a treat.


If I counted correctly, you've visited 41 states. Or at least I assume the categories mean you visited. I'm in one of the other 9. :<)


Oh my gosh, red wings at a feeder! There's no sound other than the robin that so clearly signals spring to me.


How nice that you were able to put out the feeders again, but your traveling life sounds like fun.

Larry Jordan

It must feel good to have the feeders out once more, even with the Starling terror. You've already gotten several pleasant visitors and great photos of them as well!

Stewart M

I have a feeder in my garden - but the birds are ignoring it! Nice set of pictures.

Thanks for linking to WBW

Stewart M - Australia


A wonderful post... I often dream of a life like yours and after reading this it I want it even more.
Hugs Drew xx


Lovely bird pictures ! I couldn't put up a feeder in our garden because of my 4 cats ! that wouldn't be nice, lol !


It's great to see your feeders and all the birds visiting.
Love the grosbeaks.
Soon we'll start feeding the birds here as it's getting colder.
Have a great day, Sallie.


it's a wonderful way to pass the time!! such pretty photo's, i would miss my feeders if we ever parted!!


I've missed my little birds. I usually don't feed in the summer because there is lots of natural food. I'm looking forward to putting up the feeders again as it begins to get cooler. I have noticed a variety hanging around so I think they remember. :)
Love your visitors. The starling shot is lovely!

Clair Z.

Love the duct tape. What would we do without it?

We get just a few bird varieties here in the pecan orchard. Nothing like the many types we had in New Hampshire at the edge of the woods. We love watching them, though!

Dina J

You got a lot of great visitors to the feeder. I only get doves and blue jays. It;s neat to see them all there.

EG CameraGirl , Canada

I bet it feels nice to have the feeders out again!

Carole M.

isn't it just, the simple things in life, if we learn how to appreciate them, mean so much to us. You're back to your bird feeders now, and such a delight. Thanks for sharing


It's true what they say about duct tape! Good for you finding a fix. Those starlings can sure be big pests. I love photographing them in bright sunlight, though. These are great images and such a wonderful variety, even if they came one at a time. :)

Boom & Gary

Great sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Adam Jones

Lovely stuff.


Interesting story about your birds and feeding! It's always nice to have some bird to look at! Nice photos too!
Greetings Pia

Findlay Wilde

A food selection of birds. What is an rv that you attached the feeders to? From Findlay


Sallie, you have some great feeder birds. I love the Grosbeaks. I think we all have to put up with the grackles and blackbirds. I have lots of squirrels too, but I would miss my feeders. Great post.


we get mobbed here in the winter by blackbirds and grackles. they will stay throughout and eat us out of house and home before going north again in the spring. but i can't stop putting out feeders as i enjoy the other birds too much, so we spend a small fortune.

yes, i've resorted to tape, wire, glue, etc. to save the feeders from destruction. :)

Rainfield (雨田)

A live view through a window.

I would like to have one too.


Even though I watch birds every day at the canyon I miss my winter feeders. Nice shots of your varied visitors.


I enjoyed your shots of the hungry birds. I used to have trouble with large birds like starlings banging up against feeders to knock them to the ground to get at seeds. I used to have dozens of feeders but now that I've let my garden go wild there is so much natural food that I only feed the birds when it snows and I brush off the snow on my deck wall and cover it with seeds to make it easy for all the different birds. To answer your questions, The buds are square on the lantana but when they open they are like the shot with the soft round edges.

Red Nomad OZ

With so many birds coming and going it's a wonder you have time for anything else!!!


Birds are very photogenic. I am greeting


A crowd of Inland Gulls" and pigeons seem to have frightened off our garden birds. I am lucky to see one robin every now and then.City life is so different!

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