September 21, 2012



Fake or real, they're all big ones!


The sculpture is great. Those other trout look good enough to eat,


OMG! they look very much real.

Rambling Woods

This reminds me that I want to learn more about the fish in the pond...


Beautiful shots of the real and not so real fish! The sculpture is very well done!


I thought the statue is real too until I read it hehehe. Nice shots.

Family Shadow
Have a blessed Sunday.


The High Desert Museum is a place I've wanted to return to ever since I stopped there way back in the dark ages on a grade school field trip. I love that they've added fish!


it certainly is a very lifelike sculpture! Nice trout too!


cutthroat trout sounds gansta ;)

great pics


Love the leaping salmon shot, awesome!

Sandy Carlson (USA)

That sculpture is amazing. So are the fish.


That is a very life-like sculpture, and you caught it just right for creating a little mystery: is it alive, or not? You also did well capturing the living fish, but I think they would look even better in a frying pan! :-)


What a great sculpture and excellent photos of it.


I like the leaping salmon!


cool! That is very good shadow shots. Not so common. Love it.

Thanks for the kind words on my BW photo.


A real or not, both are gorgeously presented.

Happy SSS,


More fascinating photos and info!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Leapin' lizards, er, salmon! :)


I agree with the others...that salmon really does look real. Amazing. The trout are so pretty, too. My husband was a trout fisherman until he decide to be a runner and mountain hiker, but I never heard him mention a cutthroat trout. Beautiful shots. genie

Sylvia Kirkwood

Terrific fish -- real and not so real!! Hard to tell the difference! Lovely shadow shots for the day, Sallie! Hope your weekend is off to a good start! Enjoy!!


It does look quite realistic! Love the look at the real fish too. :)


Incríveis e lindas!beijos,chica

Stewart M

Nice fish! Now all it needs is a well presented fly!

Glad you liked the "..........and out to sea post" . I had never done ant snorkelling until a couple of years ago - I really like it. If I had easy access to places like the reef I dont think I'd keep up with my blog posts!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia


Unbelievable that this is a sculpture ! it looks so true !

Colin Huggins

This Bend place is Oregon is pretty snazzy. Do the "civic" leaders promote the city/town for tourism? If not, then they should. Here places like Bend, which have civic pride, glorious gardens and historical places to see, budget big on promotions for visitors.
This "Bend's High Desert Museum" would be ideal.
I wonder are those salmon edible??? However, those in that pool would be pretty safe from the grill!
Great and most enjoyable post.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)


I love the sculpture of the leaping salmon. It looks so real.

Lavender Dreams

Amazing! The sculpture looks real, too! WOW!


The sculpture is cool. The trout look so big! Great shots!


Fantastic shots. The leaping salmon is amazing.


Wow, nice shots of the fish! Especially the leaping salmon. Don't like the taste of them, though.

Jesh StG

All these fish look "delicious" to me:)


The talent of some sculptors is amazing. Whoever it was captured that salmon perfectly.

Gemma Wiseman

The lighting in these photos is so magical! Absolutely gorgeous! So love the spotty pattern on the trout!


very pretty - both versions. :)

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