September 18, 2012


Rambling Woods

we have to love rehabbers....

Sandy Carlson (USA)

What a beautful bird.


So beautiful birds ! We saw Bald Eagle (I think it's their name !) in Eider Alaska. They were waiting for bears fishing salmons.... but the bears were not here. I'll send you a shot of them. Have a nice week-end, Sallie.


Great shots. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit!


Sallie, This a very special project. Thanks for sharing!


I'm so glad they're being cared for
your photos are wonderful

I also love the flowers in the newer post


how wonderful to be able to see these birds. sad that they are injured, but it is good news that they have a place to live and be cared for.

Lady Fi

Wonderful shots of these magnificent birds. Hope they get better soon.


Wonderful photographs, nature is unusual. I am greeting


The owl is well hidden, your pictures are beautiful !


Its always nice to see injured birds being cared for in the most natural ways possible. I loved what's written in that signage, looks like the birds are given a new lease of life here. Thanks for sharing these amazing shots of the raptors, Sallie. :-)


It is wonderful that humans can be so kind a to animals and care for them when hurt. It is a shame humans can't be so kind to each other.


Those are amazing birds, nice shots. I love seeing birds of prey in the wild, although I've had to defend my little dog from a couple of hawks that wanted to take him while I was walking him!


Hi Sallie, - have been catching up on your recent posts - such majestic birds, and your sign post is a hoot!


Fabulous shots of these great birds!


They're beautiful birds.


Great shots and I like that the birds have a safe place to stay and that we can view them.


Wonderful captures of these magnificent birds, Sallie!


The museum preserves the birds while educating the public, good.


A lovely tribute-Scotland has similar facilities.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Great photos Sallie. We have a wild bird sanctuary not far from where I live that takes in the hurt and handicapped birds from around the try-state area. It is a wonderful place to visit. You never know what you will see.


Those facilities are wonderful for education purposes as well as for assisting wildlife. Lovely photos!!

Rainfield (雨田)

I am still waiting for my owl to arrive.


You have a good eye. I don't think I would have noticed that owl! :)


Wow that first photo is so in your face I wondered what was opening in front of me. Excellent shots.

Mary Pellerito

Those birds are magnificent. I am so happy there are places like that for the birds to live and for people to understand more about these birds.


The owl seems to be taking a healing nap. I do hope the birds recover and can be released gain into the wild.

Stewart M

Large owls and eagles are such great things to see.

Dubai did feel like a bit of a celebration of money - well the bits I saw anyway! And the flamingos were great - if in a very hot location!

Thanks for linking to WBW.

Stewart M - AUstralia


That's such a great museum.


Such magnificent birds of prey. Recently, a large raptor landed on my deck rail early in the morning. I saw it for only a second before it took flight again. I couldn't register what it was. The wingspan must have been 4-5 feet. I can't get it out of my head - wish I could have identified it!


You're right - they are magnificent birds! Great photos.


totally agree. so glad these rehab places exist - and can give permanent homes when needed.


Very nice captures of the birds!
Thanks for sharing;o)

Hope you are having a nice week****


That's great that they are being cared for after injuries. Interesting post and place.


meeting these birds is a gift. Isn´t it? Love the shots.

Boom & Gary

Great shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Colin Huggins

Good grief - it worked!!! Sorry about the x - ha ha!
An excellent blog and report on injured birds and the care that is now taken of them. I suppose if they make a full recovery, then they are released into the wilds again?
The photo of the owl is great. Sometimes at night you see them here perched on the telegraph poles. They sometimes swoop down and grab something - I suppose a mouse or small noctural lizard???
They become a problem if they decide to "hoot"! Not at all musical and not conducive for sleep - ha ha!
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

Colin Huggins



Great post, Sallie! The raptor center are great places for people to learn about these amazing birds. I would love to see a Golden Eagle in the wild.


The owl looks like part of the tree almost - a good spotting.
Despite what you told me before these are nice shots of the eagles.
Rescue facilities serve a wonderful purpose and without them some of us never would catch a good glimpse of some of these animals.
I'd love to someday see an owl in the wild.

EG Wow

I have yet to take a decent photo of an owl. You deserve kudos!

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