September 11, 2012



Delightful shots!


What a beauty! Great photos...
Nothing like that around our palm trees!

Rambling Woods

Oh I love the little nutties...


A wonderful bird and a wonderful : thanks to you, Sallie. I like a lot blue birds..


That first shot looks like he's a rock climber the way he finds spots to put his claws in. :)
Nuthatch's are such cute little birds.
I don't feed much in summer so I'm looking forward to filling up the feeders this fall and welcoming the nuthatches back.


Red-breasted nuthatches are a rare sight to see where I live now!


Cool! They must have a feeding frenzy on those creatures in the rocks!

Hi Sallie, I am trying to manage my time in blogging and photography, but I am less enthusiastic in posting photos in my blog, because of work. I do once in a while in FB.

Reader Wil

Brilliant! Birds are very mysterious animals, because they live in higher circles than we do. Lovely post.


Great shots. They are very agile and industrious the way they are hanging onto that rock.


Great shots of the beautiful bird!
Wish you a wonderful day.


Cute, good you them in action.

Adam Jones

They're really nice birds, and very nice shots.

laura k

oooooh boy!! that nuthatch has found himself a goldmine!!
(that lava rock looks a lot like the ancient limestone here...with all the nooks & crannies!!


Strange habits-but certainly interesting!


Beautiful little birds!


Must be a nice place for the birds on that lava stone!
Nice photos of this little one that I think we have here in Sweden too!
Greetings Pia


Industrious little guys! I love their markings and deep color. Beautiful!


Lovely little fellows!


Beautifully marked one to be sure. Your photos are super.

Silent Silhouettes


Beautiful photographs, such views are giving much joy. I am greeting

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sallie, I get an education every time I visit your site. I have never seen this bird before. They are lovely. I can see why they would like the rocks.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

These are just spectacular!


Really NICE Ive never seen one picking over a rock that way so thats special!


I love the nuthatches. I have a bunch of them here but they are so fast it's hard for me to shoot them.

Brian King

Cool shots! I've never seen birds do that before, but then we don't have lava rock here, either. Great texture on the rock and beautiful shots!


Cute captures of the Nuthatch at the lava pockets. They are cute birds, love them!


lucky you! would love to see these guys. have only seen a couple of nuthatches here. not piny enough, i suppose.

Robin from Israel

Lovely birds.

I'm not sure how they colored the pussy willows, but I'm fairly sure they were dyed. When I took the original shot I googled all kinds of variations on "colored pussy willows" and nothing turned up but gray. They don't look natural, but I do love how happy and cheery they are, and were especially so among all the late winter's gray.


intresting bird so different from ours. Yes tehy probably found a lot of food in that lava. :)


Beautiful bird, nice photos.


Great photos of the birds and that is certainly an unusual place for them to find food.

Boom & Gary

Beautiful close ups!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Findlay Wilde

The stripes on his head make him look a bit like a badger. It's a really nice little bird. From Findlay

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