October 04, 2012


Joe Todd

Great photos. I still haven't gotten a good moon photo..


These are sooo beautiful :0)


How lovely :0)

Rambling Woods

I would love to take moon photos like this...


Spectacular, indeed!


I like a lot your moons, Sallie and the strange colours of the first landscape ! They seem so mysterious..


Oh yeah, Sallie, I noticed it too... although we would not have been admiring it at the same time! It was an amazing Full Harvest Moon, celebrated by Chinese as the Mid-Autumn Festival. You got some super shots, and I like your creative treatments. Thanks for missing me; I really am very fine, just busy preparing for a major move to Europe soon. Hope you are fine, too!


Beautiful, I am pleased that I can admire such views. I am greeting


Very pretty photos indeed, I also love the Moon. I'm also past the point where I can stay up all night, not least because I have to go to work!

Lindy MacDuff

I guess your site doesn't allow html in the comments.

My sky photos are here:


Lindy MacDuff

Sallie, these are gorgeous, especially with the reflection shimmering on the water!

Just to let you know, I've left Blogspot and moved on to WordPress. My sky shots are HERE

laura k

beautiful!! i love to moon-gaze!

it's never too late to stay out all night and play...under the moon...at least i keep telling my hubby that...



That is a beautiful, bright moon. It reflected on that water perfectly. Fun edits!

Clair Z.

It's been a lovely moon to watch, hasn't it? I love the idea that we are all seeing it and enjoying it from our different places in the world.

Margaret Gosden

You were lucky that night! In NY we got a glimpse or two. Sunday night was much better!I


Gorgeous moon shots! I especially love the reflection. :)


Gorgeous, I have yet to take a decent shot of the moon and you are shooting them left and right.

Pearl Maple

Fun photos of the moon, are you enjoying picasa? there are so many programs out there to choose from


lovely to see!
Beautiful pictures!


Great photos-I love the one with the reflection across the water!

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sallie, your moon shots are wonderful. I have never been any good at photographing the moon.


It is so nice to play with moon, and sometimes with the stars as well, that I used to do, with my son: naming them.

Lady Fi

Wow - stunning!


I've been sitting here for a little while looking out my sunroom window at the moon as I blog. It's lost its beautiful round shape but is still golden.
I love the reflection! That lake always affords you a beautiful backdrop for your photos.
Lovely edits!


WOW! Super photos, thanks for sharing, it was cloudy here and I missed the harvest moon.


i always find comfort in that, too - that those i love from far away are looking at the same moon. :)


you are right this was spectacular and so are your shots. :)


Yes I saw that full moon too. Lovely photo's here. Happy skywatch

Merisi in Vienna

Beautiful images of a truly spectacular Harvest Moon!

Happy Skywatch,

Boom & Gary

Beautiful moon series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Sylvia Kirkwood

These shots are awesome, Sallie!! Such a gorgeous moon! I, too, love the reflection! Have a great weekend!


Fantastic shot of moon. I love that reflection.


Fantastic photos,Sallie!Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend!

Anne Dryman

I would have stayed up all night moon gazing with you. Your photos are amazing ... just like YOU :)


You took some wonderful shots of the beautiful moon.



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