September 01, 2012


Rambling Woods

Awwww..sweet and good info that I learned from Sallie

Mary Howell Cromer

Wonderful and I too get to see these gentle giants in a few weeks somewhere in LA...yeah~


Wow! Great photos and how lucky to be able to get that close to them.


Fascinating creatures, Sallie! They sure seem to love the docks, so I guess if it doesn't harm them it's okay. :)

Lavender Dreams

What great photos! I haven't seen any of these in years...they are such interesting animals! Hugs!

Joe Todd

They look pretty contented LOL


How wonderful to have got so close to the sea lions, wonderful shots. The individual sections of the mosaic did not enlarge for me just reopened the mosaic in a different window, never mind just thought you might want to know.


Wonderful shots of the sea lions. What a treat that would be to see them there.

Mary Pellerito

When I saw this post I thought of the seals that have made their home on Cape Cod and now sharks frequent the area. Tourism is up. It is a tough balance.

Red Nomad OZ

Oh, they're a GREAT idea!! I saw wild sea lions playing today at the head of the Great Australian Bight!! Would have killed for a dock for them to rest on - but only for selfish reasons so I could get a photo!!


Beautiful photographs, fantastic animals, such views are real joy. I am greeting


What great shots you have. I love those beautiful animals with their sweet faces.


I think they have the cutest little faces!


I have been having trouble posting a comment on your blog. I've tried many times I changed my URL I noticed it was from a blog that I deleted so I hope this one works.
You have great shots of seals here. The one in the bottom right of the mosaic looks like she's puckering up for a kiss. In San Fran the seals were given pontoons to lie on so they wouldn't lie on the wharves where people walk.


Sea lions are very adorable!! Thanks a lot for interesting information about them. Especially about their ears. Next time I go to an aquarium, I will take a close look at them. Excellent photos! Have a wonderful week!


I love these guys!!
especially the bottom right
what a face he has
fantastic collage


I cannot even begin to imagine getting up so close to the sea lions. These are fabulous captures. I really feel like I am there with you. I think Ridge felt like one of them when he did the old Polar Plunge. I like Oregon like I do Washington. genie


they're really cool. i enjoyed reading that fact sheet, too. thanks!


They are much cuter than the human sea lions in the swimming pool who splash around and kick everybody, lol !


What a lovely group of gentle animals!


You really got some great shots. Looks like some of them will soon fall off the docks.


Nice shots, we visited Newport years ago and really enjoyed the docks at Newport.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

These are great!


Very cool shots! I have always enjoyed those rare moments when I can get up close to these guys. As much as we are allowed anyhow. They are really neat animals and thanks for sharing the fact sheets too.


Cool shots of the Sea Lions, Sallie! We both have the Oregon Sea lions this week. They are cute critters. Wonderful photos.

Rita aka Cashjocky

As I commented before. You have the most interesting shots and some great information. I enjoyed learning more about these graceful creatures.

Pam :)

It must be nice to have your own free dock. Great captures, Sallie.
Have a wonderful weekend :)


Nice shots - this reminds me of one time when I was in San Francisco and saw sea lions on the docks.


I definitelythink they were posing for you. Very cute!


Some cute captures-I love the facial close-ups!


Beautiful creatures.

Visiting from Camera Critters.
Pets & Critters Nook

Misty Dawn

Awesome post! Seals are so fun to watch!

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