September 27, 2012



I like a lot your shots and your text ! Beginning and ending, like each day...

Jenn Jilks

How beautiful!!!!

Rita aka Cashjocky

Gorgeous photos. What a way to end a day.

Mickie Brown

Beautiful photos, Sallie. September brings an end to summer, but a lovely Fall awaits us. Mickie :)

Rambling Woods

I can relate to that..hard to shake that new school year feeling

ann nz

beautiful son in the water. I have not taken any such beautiful photos.

Red Nomad OZ

September is spring downunder, so it always feels like a renewal, even though it's not linked to the school year! And thanx! I'll have Neil Diamond on the brain all day now!


what a wonderful sunrise!


What stunning September scenes Sallie.


Shimmering beauty! Amazing captures!

Happy weekend.


Joe Todd

Great post.. As a kid I always thought the last day of school was the start of the year.. LOL


Discovering and admiring such views is giving much joy. I am greeting

Colin Huggins

Interesting comments on this school year.
Here, school year starts at the end of January and finishes sometime, depending on the various states in mid December.
Gives the kids time to enjoy summer at the beach (hopefully), and not staring at a TV!
I think we have 4 terms now, in my days, it was only 3.
January (late) to end of April, then to start of September for those who liked skiing (if affordable), and then onto mid-December.
Lovely photos of the sunset.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: Still no bloody rain and it is really needed.


Looking at your photos, I feel refreshed and recharged! It is interesting in Japan, in April a new school year starts. And we associate Sakura cherry blossoms with new start. Different country, different culture, different tradition so on!! Thanks a lot for sharing!!


Gorgeous views of sunrise! I should wake up early to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. happy weekend!


Such beautiful skies!


I should imagine September in another way over here in a tropical weather.

Nature in the Burbs

You're right. September does often feel like the beginning of something. Lovely photos.


Wonderful sights:) I love september too. The color changes and the rest of summer:)


We've got a high schooler so we are on the school schedule. I love Fall but it is nostalgic somehow for summer and apprehensive about how many ice storms we are going to have this winter.


Wow, amazing shots!
Beautiful text.
Have a great weekend, Sallie.


The change of seasons do that to me too! My first husband and I separated in Oct ('87) and although I enjoy the cooler temps Oct brings, it always reminds me of that painful divorce and what it did to my kids. October is the month we start cooling down here. :)

Your photographs are fabulous! The colors are amazing.


Sallie, I could easily find a good spot for me over there! Nice glowing colors!

I will catch up with you in a few years towards retirement. The Oregon coast could be my first trip!

Lady Fi

Liquid gold - so beautiful!


These beautiful sunrises make your day !


So you remember how we danced that night away?
That was one of my parents' favourite songs growing up. :)
Beautiful scene. Hope you have a great weekend.

Laura Hegfield

pure magic Sallie!

laura k

aaaaah, beautiful! i know what you mean...autumn, going into the cooler months...always feels like the beginning to me, out with the old and in with the new. letting the past go and starting anew.

Stewart M

Hi - when I lived in the UK it felt like there were two new years - one when you went back to school and the one on Jan 1st. And if the truth be told the school one felt more important when I was a kid!

Even though the dust in Central Australia is red, it still looks pretty eerie when it comes to visit! I don't mind if I don't see a sky like this again!

Stewart M - Australia

Luna Miranda

you got me humming a beautiful song.
lovely, serene skies.


I feel exactly the same Sallie! I loved getting the kids all ready with new clothes and supplies and my teaching days meant it was time for summer to be over and head back to work. It really is a beginning and an end.
LOVE that first shot!
Your title will have me singing along with Neil Diamond for a little while - it's ok, I love the song.


Gorgeous views of the sky over the water.


Those are stunning shots. I've never stopped thinking of September as the beginning of the year. I think many patterns established when I was a child continue to influence me. My daughter's school year got earlier and earlier until it began by mid August when she was in High School but September still felt like the real start to me.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Wow! Amazing.


Lovely shots. September can be the most beautiful month of the year.


fall makes me melancholy - i get homesick for wis. and those red maples...


Sallie, your front "yard" is awesome! Enjoy fall.


Hi Sallie, looks like a beautiful morning. Lovely sunrise capture, the reflection is gorgeous. Hope you have a great weekend!


I see what you mean. :) But it i worth it being retired. You had some sunshine too. :)


lovely shots.

Boom & Gary

Boy those are beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Oh my, fabulous!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Superb way to begin a day and I do love the path across the water! Lovely thoughts as well. Being a mother of four and a former school teacher, I have many of the same thoughts when fall comes around! Enjoy your weekend, Sallie!!

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