September 29, 2012



Your shots are so cute, Sallie and I imagine the pleasure of all of you !

Jenn Jilks

Isn't that fun?!
Love chickies.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Delightful story and great photos. I remember my first experience with a setting hen. Nice memory for the grands.


What a wonderful story. I am very fond of chickens.


Cute! Hahaha! This is what I call "instant" fertilization!

Mickie Brown

Great shots!!!! What an amazing experience for your great grand kids - so lucky to get to see them actually hatch out of the egg. Have a great week. Mickie:)


Baby chicks! My grandchildren got to watch fertilized eggs incubate and then hatch while they were in Kindergarten. Such memories last forever. Your photos are wonderful - I can feel the softness of the chicks.


Sallie, finally some time to do a little catching up and here are all your wonderful photos I've missed, especially these of the new little chicks and their story. I'm smiling.

Rambling Woods

I so needed a smile tonight and you gave me a big one..LOVED this...


What a great experience for the children. I love the shots of the baby chicks.


Such a sweet story. Thank you so much for sharing this! It's fun rediscovering life through the eyes of a five-year-old. :)


Love this post!
Great photos and story.
They're so cute.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful day, Sallie.


Sallie, How cute! I just love the chicks and would love to see them hatched too. I am glad the boys were there to see it happening. Cute shots.

laura k

oooooh!!! what a wonderful story! i didn't even know you could get eggs and slip them under the mother chick...

watching her check out her newly hatched babies just about makes me teary-eyed!!

and the boys were sure lucky to be there when they hatched!!!


Wonderful photographs, happy chicks. I am greeting

Lady Fi

How wonderful to see and understand the miracle of life.


Awwww.... That first little chicklet is so cute!
What a great story and a great experience for the kids. I'm sure it was a visit they won't forget. :)


Happy chicks!

Have a great weekend.


I would have loved to see that too. Great pictures of these sweet little darlings.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Lovely and fragile life!

Stewart M

Thanks (again) for your comments. The idea that scientists can't write descriptive stuff is widespread! I'm doing my little bit to show its not always the same!

Tony Abbot is the leader of the opposition party in Australia - so he will be trying to become our Prime Minister at the next elections - as you may have guessed, I dont hold him in high regard!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

PS: replies may be thin on the ground again this week - more busyness!

Red Nomad OZ

I miss having chooks - the last lot we had was killed off by a fox that dug underneath the chook house. We didn't have the heart for any more after that. But nothing beats fresh farm eggs!!!


how sweet! love that - 'very serious' :)

Rainfield (雨田)

This is the type of fun city folks used to miss and like to have.


That is the sweetest thing I've seen in a long while - a cute little puffball!
My Grandparents raised chickens. I don't recall seeing any hatch. I do know Grandma loved her chickens.

Lavender Cottage

The chicks are so cute and I find mama hen a nice looking bird herself.


wow. so sweet. Can´t remember if I had the pleasure as a child. I probably have not seen it.


The boys look a bundle of energy and how lucky for them to have grandparents with lots of space to play and watch chickens hatch. You have a great family.

Colin Huggins

Well you can't go wrong with the Sussex breed of poultry.
Quite docile and not of the flighty nature. 'Broody' here is called 'clucky'. You are allowed now with neighbours permitting,and council approval to have a few (6 I think) backyard hens for fresh eggs in suburbia as long as you have a big yard. No roosters of course. A couple of homes in my street have a few laying hens. I guess there will be a couple of roosters in the batch, so I guess they will have to go???
I am sure the grandkids had fun watching them hatch.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather: It ACTUALLY rained a little last night!!! More expected for the next couple of days.


What a beautiful story! They are so cute. And same color as their Mom :-)


Such a cute little chick!


Wonderful story. I think some of my most precious memories are of my grand father's farm/ranch and the chickens hatching and the cows being milked ... what fun!


What fun-we kept 4 bantam hens and a cockerel when I was a child! I loved hearing the cockerels on the islands last hols!

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