October 01, 2012



What beautiful nature captures with wonderful textures and light.

Rambling Woods

I agree..it is magical..


I love this, Sallie. As soon as I saw your title of These Woods, I knew it would be a visual treat. Thank you.


Fern Ridge Lake looks like Embrun : a lake (a reservoir too), forests and apples... a peaceful place too !


I would love to follow those paths into the woods.

Rita aka Cashjocky

The second and last shots are my favorite. Just the kind of place I enjoy hiking through.

Mama Zen

What a lovely place for a walk!


looks a lot like ours. I like the last shot. I almost expected to see some sheep. :)

Rainfield (雨田)

You have captured many of my favorites.

Trees, are my our good friends.


I'm not a hiker so this would be a great 'adventure' for me! Lovely scenery.

laura k

very nice! no matter how vast or how small...walking through the woods is magical!! thanks for the hike!!


Wonderful green views. I am greeting


How lovely-and so different from town life!But I do have the canal towpaths and a local rec!


Looks like a lovely place Sallie!
The dappled light in the last photo is inviting!

Lady Fi

Oh, I do love a walk in the woods. Love the light in that last shot.


So nice to have this nearby. We have something similar right behind our property, but it's been too hot to enjoy until today. Everyone should have a place of solitude to escape to every once in a while.


Seems like every busy place should have a quiet place. Nice you found one.


Lovely photos - woods and forest are one of my favorite places to be. And thanks for that fascinating link on the turtles, based on that I'd guess the turtle may be some kind of memorial for a high-ranking official.


Your photos are spectacular again, Sallie - the light in that last is fabulous. I love paths through woods even if they aren't dark and deep.


really nice to have it nearby. love those ferns. :)


Close to home sounds perfect to me, Sallie! It is a beautiful spot and I love all the trees and ferns. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

Boom & Gary

Great spot!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


I just love a trail, almost any trail. This is a great example of an area that has been repurposed successfully.

Penelope Postcards

We have something similar in my world, too. It is a luxury having such natural country settings to relax and exercise in so close to city life.


Great shots of wood. It will be nice to walk in that shade,

Sylvia Kirkwood

What lovely woods you have, Sallie! Wonderful to have a place like this to "slip" away to! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!!


Those are beautiful woods and I love the ferns.

EG Wow

It's like magic to feel like you are in a wild place when really you are not. Very nice.


It's always nice to have a wooded spot for one's "default" daily walk.

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