September 04, 2012


Rambling Woods

I love these little guys..neat feet they have..

Larry Jordan

Great shots of the Pied-billed Grebes Sallie! I love grebes of all kinds but there is one thing I really enjoy with the Pied-billed Grebes, the way they sometimes sink straight down into the water like a submarine. These photos of their chicks are wonderful. I have still never seen them with chicks.

Brian King

Fantastic shots! That first one is just beautiful!


Cool! I've never seen these so it is just delightful to me!


Mary Pellerito

Great photos. We were fishing the Michigan upper peninsula and saw diving ducks who kept near us (I think they liked the company). It was great having them around. Thanks for being so patient in bringing us these photos.


Oh those are great photos, terrific looking birds. I hope I get a chance to see them one day.

Rainfield (雨田)

Life is so easy.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Never heard of these birds so I thank you for teaching me something new today.

Lady Fi

Such lovely shots!


Nice photos.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Sweet and beautiful!

Robin from Israel

You did a great job capturing them this time. I've never heard of grebes before, I don't think we have them here. Love their name though, it makes me giggle.

I adore watching the loons in New Hampshire, but they too have a tendency to dive when you get too close.


You did well to get such great pictures of these little divers, Sallie.

Hilke Breder

Love your grebe shots, Sallie. We don't see them very often here -- too shy!


I found the dark brown bird I saw was a grebe. I was puzzled the little bird dove into water and never came back. I was relieved too!! Thanks a lot for sharing. Wonderful photos!


They are so lovely!


I did get a giggle also with your opening line. Glad you were able to catch a photo of them!!


Chuckling at your first paragraph. Sometimes they just don't cooperate at all.
Nice captures of the young ones.


Your patience paid off Sallie. :)


Beautiful photographs, I like to admire such fantastic views. I am greeting

Stewart M

I think that grebes the world over behave like that - I like the idea of post called "Where teh Grebes Aren't"! I may have to steal that title for my wordy blog one day!

Thanks for the visit to WBW - Stewart M


LOL! At least you got photos of the Grebes. Those divers are quick and tricky.


They sound like little submariners! :)
Love the first shot!


Nice photos - I don't think I've ever seen grebes before.


Grebes are fun to watch and hard to photograph for sure!! I think your photos are Great!!


The Grebes are so cute! Great sighting of the young. Wonderful photos, Sallie!


I think these are great, Sallie! Good that you got them before they dived down never to be seen again.


Great photos - especially the first one with the beautiful blue water.


lol. made me smile. We have grebes but not this one. But they all do it, dive precisely when you push the button. :(

Dina J

Great to see the little one! We don't get baby grebes here. Maybe not too late for the little ones. We just got two limplin families recently.

Adam Jones

Nice photos. The Pied billed Grebe is a rarity here in the UK, but I did manage to see one a couple of years ago when one turned up. Lovely to see.


I love the fact that there always seems to be some wildlife around!

Boom & Gary

Nice captures Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Cute little guys! They look like they're having fun.


Wonderful shots of the grebes.


Oh the young ones are so sweet! Great sighting :)


oh, THANK YOU for posting these, sallie! pied-billed grebes usually over-winter here, and i adore them, but i've never gotten to see their young since they don't breed here. had no idea they had the striped faces, too, like other grebes. :)

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