September 24, 2012


Rita aka Cashjocky

I've been at my brothers house on Tablerock Lake during a storm. It can get rather scary.

Clair Z.

What a beautiful place to live. Lovely title for your post, too.


Lovely captures, Sallie.


What a perfect front yard!! And you don't even have to mow it!!!
But I love the waves!!


lovely lake and mountain shots....a pretty spot


you have an amazing fron yard :)

I love choppy water to look at but then I want the calm back


Birds never seem to have a problem. Do they? That was a grebe juvie I think. :)

Boom & Gary

Great shot so the wind swept lake!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Such atmospheric photos, Sallie. I could almost feel the force of the wind in them.


Beautiful shots. I like the wind on warm days but not so much when it's cold.


You are enjoying a gorgeous landscape like this every day!! Oh, I envy you!
Yes, waves are very wild and rolling. How dramatically the water changed!!
I especially love the first photo. Stunning!
Have a great week.


How lovely to live on a lake, great shots of all the action too.


I am always surprised at just how rough our lake can become as well Sallie. :)

Joe Todd

Great post.. I got a little chilly viewing it LOL


lovely-but I've just had 2wks like this on the Outer Hebrides. Someone had to walk me out to the plane in Benbecula: it then hiccuped all the way back to Glasgow!!!!


Lovely contrasting sights of nature.. Wonderful shots, Sallie! I love standing and watching the waves in a wild breeze, though I do feel bad for the lil ones battling it out in the water.


that top photo is so beautiful, such a serene scene and lovely colours

I like the photos of the wilder waters too though

Stewart M

Nice pictures - as long as you can stay dry, watching waves and rough water is a great pass-time!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia


Wonderful photographs, I like such views. I am greeting

Jesh StG

Never can get enough of seeing the waves crash! Love your last pic, especially!


Such a contrast in those photos. I love watching the waves crashing down over the shore but not much fun when you are being battered by the wind.

Lady Fi

How lovely and serene it looks in that first shot. We need the storms to help us appreciate the calm all the more perhaps...


Fun to watch the crashing waves, from some place warm and out of the wind.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

These are wonderful. I really like those turbulent waters.


I love being around the ocean during the off seasons as much as during the summer. Very nice photos! Such a nice looking place...


quite a contrast! love that serene panoramic in the top one.


Those errant fall winds can whip everything into a frenzy! Your front yard is beautiful, Sallie.


Are those stones? Poor little waterfowl birdie! :)


LOVE the panoramic first shot. Looks like that poor Grebe had a time in those rough waters. Thanks for sharing!


Such a pretty lake - I love stormy days. Lovely photos!


That view is so soothing!
I like a stormy windy day now and then. Just like the little Grebe we have to learn to accept and enjoy those kinds of days as well.


It is interesting how the storms can make even a lake so wavey. I feel sorry for the poor Grebe. Great shots!

Colin Huggins

Very interesting post showing the calm water and the wind driven waters of the lake. I am sure the grebe was having the time of his/her life surfing the waves.
I just realised that this time next week I will be winging my way south for a month! Last night the weather did its best to produce rain - heaps of thunder and lightning resulting in power outrages but hardly any rain!
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

Sylvia Kirkwood

It does indeed look stormy!! And you did get some great captures for the day, Sallie! Love the water and white caps, but poor little grebe indeed!! Hope you have a good week!

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