October 06, 2012



So true. Balancing on one foot is even difficult now. I hope the medical tests haven,t caused concern.


really interesting art, everything sure gets harder as we get older!

Margaret Gosden

Very unusual sculptures. Occasionally one sees real people on stilts walking about in Union
Square park advertising something. The shows cast are interesting. Of course, your harvest moon shots are beautiful - you seem to have got very close to the moon!

Clair Z.

Your reaction to the sculptures first surprised, then amused me. Then I thought about a couple of spectacular falls I have taken in the past year and realized that I might even be a bit threatened by these balancing acts!

Hope all is well with you and yours.


Interesting sculptures and I do like the shadows. Balancing has never been easy for me, I'm very clumsy!

Rambling Woods

Yes it did used to be easier..now my life is more difficulty standing on my own two feet...


lol, they are stilt walking. It was a long time since I did it. But I probably still can. :)


It's lovely that you find something interesting everywhere you go!


Magnificent shadows and photo, Slallie! As to balancing acts, well, I just try to stay upright as much as I can, being a natural born klutz.


I like the sculpture and that's a great shadow shot.


Dear Sallie, I hope al is well for you and your husband. As usual your shot and your comment are beautiful.


These are interesting! Hope the medical tests went well...


Interesting sculpture, and shadows. Much easier to physically balance when younger.

Rainfield (雨田)


Easier said than done.


Love these sculptures. And the shadows they make are really neat!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I'm glad you were there to photograph these delightful shadows!

Gemma Wiseman

Impressive piece of street art! And love the fine detail of the shadows they cast!

Sylvia Kirkwood

True, balance was rarely if ever an issue "back then", wish I could say the same about "now"!! But the sculptures are great and you got some terrific shadows for the day! Hope your weekend is going well, Sallie!!


Yes, balance was not much of an issue when we were younger. Now balance, or the lack there of, slows us down when hiking making us careful of our footing.


i think the sculpture is neat. not sure if the message is received well. and i appreciated your take on it, too.


What a cool sculpture and I love the shadows!

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