October 25, 2012



These are wonderful images. How restful.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Oh, wow. These are amazing. Thanks for sharing these. They warm me up this crazy hurricane-fear-filled night.


Your first photo is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. I enjoy sunrises over sunsets. Does that make me weird? We've had a good amount of rain up here the last few weeks and now we're into a string of sunny days.

Rambling Woods

Yes it does stop and make you take notice...


What exquisite sunrises, a great way to wake! We had a few inches of snow, but except where it's in the shade of the house I just let it melt, the Colorado sunshine melts the snow very quickly.


Gorgeous skies! Love that golden hue on the water. :)
It's going to be a rainy weekend here as well. Looks like we'll be taking in some movies. :)


Gold and silver ! The lake seems to be so beautiful on your shots. Thanks Sallie for sharing !

Pam :)

It might be hard to leave such beautiful sunrises.. but then again your headed back the Florida's west coast where the sunsets are amazing.
Be well and happy, Sallie.


Beautiful pictures !! We also have this roller coaster weather !


Love the first shot! I thought such cycles only happen on my tropical island :P

Jesh StG

After a sunset like that, it's hard to take clouds and rain:( Hope next week will have a least one sunset for you:) Emille/Jesh


Would you appreciate the gorgeous sunrise if it was never gray? Lovely views and captures.


#1, just gorgeous!! what a wonderful way to welcome the day!!


I'm afraid it's that time of the year. We dropped more than 20 degrees in one day and have flurries predicted one day next week. =(

Your first image is absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad it came back in the third image.


Wow! Fantastic sky photos ~ yep storm headed to MA soon ~ lots of rain and wind ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^


Beautiful captures :0) Wonderful sky :0)


The first shot is breathtaking!


I'm gasping at that first radiant photo Sallie! You are being given gifts before you leave.


Sallie, these pictures made me speechless. The first picture is so striking and gorgeous. Everything is in the beautiful golden light!!! Wow!!!

And then the light is changing and also very beautiful. Each photograph is magical and amazing!!!!


What a perfect way to start your day. Each sight is beautifully in its own way.


Autumn at Fern Ridge Lake. Wouldn't that be a great title to a book? Beautiful pictures, as always Sallie.

Gail Dixon

Beautiful skies, Sallie! This time of year is so unpredictable. We've been in the upper 80s for weeks, and tomorrow our high will be 70. You're not on the east coast I hope? Sandy looks like she's going to create havoc.


my my. that first one blew me away! all three are wonderful, though.

laura k

either way...foggy or clear...what beautiful sunrises...
esp that first shot...breath taking!!


What can nature be so beautiful!
Amazing shot!

Stewart M

Just wait a bit and the sky will change! Just like mine!

Stewart M - Australia

PS: A new "wordy post" awaits you! SM


the second one is very interesting. It almost looks like a reflection in the sky. Lovve it. :)


What a lovely view from you place! The first shot is gorgeous Sallie. When do your fly south? I know the Hurricane Sandy has hit the Caribbean not sure about Florida? Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie
See if you can send some of your rain across the Pacific.
This October has been one of the driest for many years and after all the 2010/2011 rain, the undergrowth is brittle and fires have already started all around Brisbane. I cannot understand why the authorities don't have controlled burning back to save homes of what is now a great possibility, especially on the outskirts of towns, where there is plenty of bushland. Otherwise after my travels the countryside looks great for the farmers with sheep and cattle.
I agree with Diane, Oregon is now getting too cold, so I would be on "fast track" back to Florida!
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)


Beautiful photographs, fantastic autumn views. I am greeting


Fabulous sunset. Funny weather. I was wondering when you head south again. It must be getting cold up there.

Peter B

Wow, that first photo is spectacular!!


Hi Sallie, I like to be where you are, the first light is close at hand. Yeah, a window of beauty.


The gorgeous top photo made me wonder if you ever make a calendar with some of your photos? You have seen all the seasons!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

That first sunrise is magnificent! OWe are expecting hurricane Sally next week so our skies will be full of rain!


Very beautiful. The first view is stunning.


Better wait until Sandy and any lingering friends leave before you fly south for the winter.
I rally like the color you captured in that first shot.

Lady Fi

And what a beautiful autumn it is! Gorgeous.


Great photos -- the top one is especially lovely.


The ever changing sky. That first shot is breathtaking!


They are all very beautiful. Unique and gorgeous all.


To wake up to that first shot would be nothing short of immense pleasure in my book!
Mornings like that must help make you more accepting of ones like the second shot knowing the cycle will repeat.
Have a great upcoming weekend Sallie!

Tara R.

That sunrise is a gorgeous way to start the day.

Pieces of Sunshine

There is a beauty to each of these, a mood and something lovely. Waking up each morning, not knowing what the day will bring is wonderful.


That first capture is gorgeous!! I love the colours, and the golden path of the sun on the water!!! It is fall, after all, and the sun/rain cycle will only continue...


Love love the first photo! Just breathtaking. Thanks for stopping by my page... you mentioned a shadow meme, can you tell me more about it? Take care, Jessica

Joyce M

My dad used to tell me wait five minutes and the weather will change. Yeppers your photographs prove he was right. Simply divine photos.
Joyce M


just like the weather, people come and go... great photos Sallie, i like most the first one.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Fantastic captures, Sallie!! That first one is indeed breathtaking and what a glorious start for the day -- any day!! Hope you have a great weekend!


Beautiful photos...the first one is breathtaking!

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