October 16, 2012


Rambling Woods

Lovely photos Sallie..we are almost past peak here..thank you for the comments of support about my Mother....Michelle

Gemma Wiseman

Adore the misty tones in the first two photos! So romantic! And the little feathered one is so cute!


I've been to Portland in the spring and the last stages of summer. I hope to get there next fall. These photos are gorgeous!


Yea! Rain - and may your colors last awhile, Sallie. Thanks for replying to my comment on being a "spud".


Lovely! Fall is in the air...


same here in new jersey, we only have a little bit of color! love your little sparrow, feeding off the ground!!

Jesh StG

Oh I LOVE your first capture with the mist over the landscape. So even in Oregon it was dry, eh? Two weeks ago we were in Yosemite and the waterfalls had totally dried up! First time in about 20 years - weird to see all those rocks and no water! (Emille/Jesh- writing from Artistique)

NatureFootstep Birds

you know, too much or too little of everything is bad. :)
The little birdie seems to find something intersting among the leavs. :)


Super pix, Sallie! Here in the Boston area, the fall colors seem diminished, but maybe it's too soon. Also, most maple trees have winter-moth eaten leaves, which have been falling off all summer!


Beautiful photos, Sallie - we have had a little rain this week, - hardly measureable and as you say, there is little red in nature, - mostly golds and yellows. Which are lovely, but more subtle than spectacular.


lovely colours, glad you're getting some rain at last. It's still raining here, after an amazingly wet summer.


congratulations on the rain!!! :)


Fantastic photographs, wonderful colours. I am greeting


It is strange for the area to have more sun than rain. Well I am happy you had a nice summer. Enjoy the fall and the pretty colors. Have a great day, Sallie!

Reader Wil

I love the rich golden colours of autumn . Your weather and ours seem to go hand in hand. We have a lot of rain too.
Anyway let's enjoy this season as soon as the sun comes out !


I live in the land of perpetual drought and our palm trees just refuse to change colors.
Very nice photos...


Very pretty. Our colors are just about gone.

Lady Fi

Hurray for rain! It looks lovely over there, even if it isn't very red...


we don't have a lot of color here yet

beautiful shots!!

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