October 15, 2012



If I was a turkey (why not ?) during this season in US, I'd avoid houses and people...The same in France when Christmas 'll come


Love to see the wild turkeys!


You would think they would know better, wouldn't you. There was a flock at my daughter's up in MN last week and I actually had to stop the car for one not too far from our house here. I guess they didn't get the memo that Thanksgiving is coming.


Great shots of the birds.


Well, nobody has ever accused turkeys of being very smart. Did you see the documentary about the guy who raised a group of wild turkeys from egg until adulthood. He spend all of his time with them in the wild and the whole thing was filmed. VERY interesting...

Rambling Woods

Sallie..I have fallen way behind in my blog visits and I know we are both dealing with health issues in the family, but thank you all the visits and support for me...Michelle


Never tried Turkey Jam great photos.


Neat shots - I've never seen a wild turkey. And I love your sunrise photos a couple of posts ago!


Great capture, - I've seen a flock of sheep holding up traffic, but never a 'jam' of turkeys. Taking their life in their hands in more ways than one, this close to Thanksgiving.


I'd enjoy a traffic jam like yours! They might be a little scrawny for T-giving though.

NatureFootstep Birds

this is a large bird. I remember as a kid my grandparents had two of them. And I was afraid of them. But maybe these are gentle.


Great shots of the turkeys. It is a fun traffic jam.

Carole M.

:) nice captures of the turkeys

Adam Jones

They look very tasty.

EG CameraGirl , Canada

Haha! I guess these turkeys don't know Thanksgiving is coming! :))

Brian King

haha! That really is a country traffic jam! Great shots!


Youngins', they didn't get the memo! They are pretty, we see them here but I can never get close, they are quicker then I!

Jenn Jilks

They are such characters.
I've heard of rogue turkeys who are aggressive.
We had 32 here one day!Cheers from Cottage Country!


Wow! We saw an occasional turkey when we lived in Jackson, MS. But never a whole herd like this. What a funny sight!


how very cute! i never see them here.

Rainfield (雨田)

No horn please.

Mama Zen

What great captures!


Very cool to see the turkeys, they do not seem worried about Thanksgiving. I think they should all run and hide. Have a great day!

Stewart M

Turkey +Thanksgiving = nervous bird!

nice pictures.

In the end I was glad I got up early, and the mid morning tea and toast was rather good as well!

Stewart M - Australia


"...Traffic Jam" - very clever! Your wild turkeys look so different from the farm bred ones.


Brilliant-I often see geese or ducks in Jersey, but this is a first for me!


Yes you would think that they would hide at this time of the year.

Lady Fi

Ha ha! Love this kind of jam!

(And enjoyed your no egrets post too!)


Beautiful pictures ! hope they escape Thanksgiving !

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