October 28, 2012



You definitely found some gorgeous autumn colors!

Madge @ The View From Right Here

Love it, no apologies needed! :-)


I think the middle photo is a work of art. Though funny, but it showed the artist's creativity!


Lovely autumn shots, and I laughed at the upchucking pumpkin!

Lady Fi

Had to laugh at that sick pumpkin!

Love the autumn mosaic!


no apologies for the middle picture!!
I love it
and all the other shots too
wonderful fall color

thanks for thinking of all of us here on the East
Sandy is one nasty B***H

laura k

happy autumn! beautiful pictures...poor puking pumpkin, guess he had one too many!


I love the autumn color and jack o lanterns.

Beyond Wandering

Amazing photos, and we are here in Michigan receiving rain, and strong wind too!


Beautiful photographs, marvellous autumn climates. I am greeting

Penelope Postcards

I like the pumpkin with a stem for a nose. There is so much creativity with decorations this time of year! Some of it scary and some of it cute.


Lovely scenes and photos, Sallie! The Halloween decorations are cute! Happy Halloween and have a great week ahead.

Stewart M

Thats autumn all right!

Thanks for the multiple comments - i'm trying to get some form of book published, but its not really happening! I can self publish in digital or paper - but I'm not sure thats what I want to do. I'l keeping tapping the keys and you never know what will come along!

Stewart M - Australia


what lovely autumn colours and fun pumpkins


Lovely autumn shots, and a great laugh at the Halloween pumpkins.


love those scarecrows. :) Hope you had a great Halloween. My granddaughter was stuck at home due to a trunami alert on Hawaii. Nothing happened thou so she is fine. But it alerted us a bit.

Alicia S

lol, I love the middle picture! Everyone is so much more creative with pumpkin carving than they used to be! Great photos, such beautiful colors!

Colin Huggins

Just love the drunk pumpkin! I'd love to know the brand of the bottle next to it! If the contents can do that to pumpkins God only knows what it would do to me humans - ha ha!
Halloween is now in vogue here also. It certainly has no place really in our folklore. Not sure what the American kids do with their monetary gains, maybe to support a "charity"??? I certainly hope so???
Here it is pocketed and MacDonalds is the benefactor.
I gave generously the first time that it happened in my street, I thought it was quaint, I think about in the early 2000's, obviously my address was given out. Now I lock the door and they can "trick and treat" to their hearts content as I listen. I have no intention of supporting obesity or MacDonalds. The kids all dress up in bizarre clothing - witches hats and black capes. Must cost the parents heaps for the clothing. However, if in the US, they collect for charity, then I am all in favour, here it is for obesity and MacDonalds.
Interesting Halloween report. Have fun.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sally, your fall shots are all suburb. I purchased some artificial golden maple leaves a few days that could be the clone of the ones in your photo. Glad to know mine are so lifelike.

I also find the drunk pumpkin creative and original. Plus, isn't halloween all about the gory, repulsive and sickening.

Thank you for all your support recently. I sure appreciate your friendship.


yes, the center photo is funny... nothing wrong with being creative and kudos to the creator for the fun show.

Gail Dixon

Haha, I've never seen a pumpkin decorated quite like that, but thank you for sharing. Made me smile.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Some color--and fun--worth waiting for!

Pieces of Sunshine

Thank you for calling by my blog. You attitude to collecting "things" is similar to mine. I love for things to have a use and be beautiful and or meaningful. I enjoy clear space and struggle to keep things simple amongst our family of ten with so many differing personalities and only a four bedroom home.

Pieces of Sunshine

Quite a fun post. Halloween is not commonly celebrated here, although the shops are carrying more halloween items each year. Your autumn colours are lovely.


Your Autumn colors are wonderful. I like the drunk pumpkin.


i always laugh at the drunk jackolanterns. :)

love the pinkish leaves, too.

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