November 05, 2012


Rambling Woods

beautiful photo...election day was a nail biter....


Fantastic shot. There is a dreamy quality about it that I love.


That is fabulous scene. I always try to figure out how do you create such scenery which captures me and stay with me for a long time. That is photography I try to do but I am learning and learning and still nowhere.

Beautiful and stunning beyond my imagination.

Gail Dixon

I'm about to go vote and feeling very anxious about it. Life will go on if my candidate doesn't win, but still I worry. Your shot of the morning sky and the bird formation is absolutely glorious! Hope you get to do all that you want to do before returning to FL.

Mary Pellerito

I am glad you gave yourself the gift of just being in a place. Who know what will come out of that. That is the adventure of life, of living.


I just scrolled a little through your blog to see your beautiful pictures. Yes, you are so right ! The sun rises every day, but often very discretely hidden behind clouds. And then when you take an airplane, go through the clouds there is suddenly sunshine !


Strangely though, we are in the 90's in the middle of Autumn. But I have nothing to complain and just as thankful as anyone that we are all safe.


I love the sense of calm in this photo. I can think of no better a day to nothing, but enjoy the beauty of this scene.


Yes, all days are not alike. But this is a terrific capture.


This photo is Awesome, and just perfect for the day. As every sky is.


Very beautiful despite the grey skies. Assuming your candidate of choice is mine, may he win :) And as you say, despite the worst rhetoric of both parties, the country isn't going to end if the other guy wins.

Sally in WA

Its a beautiful photo, Sallie. I was wondering if you were still out in the PNW or FL. This post answered my question. I need to quit taking these long breaks from blogging!

Pam :)

Hi Sallie, I love this misty morning photo.. your world is as picturesque as a picture postcard.


i love this photo. it is peaceful, even if it shows change or movement.


No matter which country I am in the news has been dominated by the American elections. I,too,will be glad when they are over. Your photo is beautiful as is your comment about the sun rising.


That's a great attitude, Sallie (no matter what, the sun will always rise!)! Even though I can't vote (I still have the Dutch citizenship) I am very concerned, because it will effect us all (since I have a green card, and am not rich, haha)!

Red Nomad OZ

Oh, elections! I'll be VERY thankful when your elections are over - it's been extraordinarily tedious watching the kerfuffle unfold down here!!

Looking forward to Friday!!


Magnificent sky photo with the wildlife ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^


Hi Sallie, what a great shot! A cool scene seeing the huge flock of geese? I am glad the election is tomorrow, I just want it over now. Have a great week!


This is so beautiful! The light is fantastic and that little bit of misty fog just makes it all perfect!

I hope the elections go off without too much trouble (recounting, ballot troubles, etc). I am just ready to know who it's going to be.


Beautiful photo. I like the sky colors and the birds strung out in those long lines.

Findlay Wilde

Even a non sunny picture can be wonderful. From Findlay

Sylvia Kirkwood

Yep, does look like the northwest to me!! After 71 record days of blue skies and no rain, the rain is back and the clouds and it takes forever to get light in the morning!! The dull park of Fall has definitely arrived here in Seattle!! Great shot that says it all, Sallie! Have a good week, stay dry!!

Colin Huggins

What a strange bird formation!!! I am carefully looking at it for a sign - our BIG DAY here in Melbourne - ha ha.
I am hoping that the birds are telling me that it is 1, 2, 10 and 24!!! Well one must look for signs, no matter how bizarre - ha ha.
Great photo, but it is my "omen" sign.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

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