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November 04, 2012


Rambling Woods

These are beautiful Sallie


Beautiful series of shots.

My Ruby


Admire your shots. Those are stunning fall colors!


Just beautiful...this has been an awesome autumn.
over from RT2


I wish we have your colors here and need not travel 100 miles.

That's why I settle in the botanical gardens to get my autumn delight!


Such pretty fall colours! Love the reds and oranges. :)

Gemma Wiseman

Such a beautiful, magical presentation of the Autumn season! So love the first mosaic with the long leaves as a central feature!


Great post for RT2!

Lady Fi

Oh, fabulous mosaics! Love the heart-shaped leaf and the one that is glowing with gold!


Gorgeous-I've just been forced off the road in Jersey UK, by a freak storm of hail and snow! In just 15mins, there were floods and a white out....

Gail Dixon

Stunning! The last collage with the orange tree with the fleur de lis fence in front is absolutely spectacular! Hope Mary and all those affected on the east coast will be back to some sense of normalcy soon!


Oh what a gorgeous array of fall colour!


sandy took our fall away with her. thanks for sharing your beautiful images. i really enjoyed them!!


I am very rich as have been shared with you your treasure.

laura k

LOVE all the fall colors!!
LOVE the heart shaped leaf!!

we have some leaf changes here in north florida...but not yet...not til after the temp drops closer to freezing...and for more than just one day in a row!! (personally, i can't wait!!)


you're so cute. :)

love the color and shape variety!


Glad to see you back! Now you can come to Sunday Challenge. :)


Your fall color is gorgeous. Such beautiful mosaics you put together.


Love the fall colors! Not anything we see here in Florida. Have a great week and hope to see you this season. Judy

Mary Pellerito

Some autumn leaves do seem to glow, don't they.


Hi Sallie, your Autumn colors are gorgeous. I love the heart shape leaf. Beautiful colors and mosaics! Have a great day!

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