November 14, 2012


Rambling Woods

ah spring and butterflies..so far away


I like a lot your "signs signs", all these little things which give joy or beauty to our days. Kindness is good for us ! Thanks, Sallie.

Inside Cambodia

Love the quote, too!


Wonderful captures and I do love that quote. Have a great weekend :)


Your thistle shots are outstanding!


It is a great message. I wondered how you got the photo without your reflection. Clever.

Luna Miranda

a lovely sign...and the thistles are pretty!


I love the second photo!


I've just spent some time catching up this morning, Sallie. Loved the painted sign. With something like that, who needs lipstick?


Isn't that a lovely painting! Great thistle shots, I like them and they grow in my yard. I know they are a weed, but I let let them stay put!


Looks like a beautiful ball with spikes !
BTW the Yoga book I got from a friend to do my Yoga exercises. Instead of a human, somebody drew cats ! Isn't that cute ?


Beautiful shots..:-)


Actually...that is pretty cool on a mirror....love these 'gentle' reminders.

Marleen, NL

Love the sign! Funny to see it like this on a mirror.

Gemma Wiseman

Adore the delightful image of the butterfly! And the mirror sign seems to dominate the whole mirror! Interesting!


Sign, sign everywhere a sign but they aren't all as beautiful as this!
Your butterfly and thistle shot is lovely! I bet you could take that into picmonkey and make your own lovely sign. :)
Colin is right - you do find the most interesting signs. I'm still loving that big girl panty sign. :)

BTW: Yes, I did take the butterfly shot with one hand leaning against my house for support. I never dreamed I'd get that good of a shot.

Colin Huggins

Ah Sallie
You see some strange things in the best toilets with signs at top restaurants and hotels.
There is one very good restaurant here in Cleveland, Brisbane, which has brilliant instructions for the males on how to do the "wee wee".
I won't ( giggle,giggle) go into details. Use imagination, carefully - ha ha. The name of the restaurant is "gross", where the name came from (??) - belongs to a chain of restaurants and they are not cheap. Oh God, what the hell - "Hogs Breath" - terrible eh?
I have a 25% discount card for 5 years from them after my last meal, they messed up everything, well I suppose a kitchen explosion can't really be blamed - a very funny day with friends indeed.
Looking forward to your next sign!
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

Lady Fi

Now what a great reminder that is! And such a good place to have it - reminding us to be kind about our images in the mirror.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

These are great, and I enjoyed the quote. Great to stop here!


Beautiful photos, and that is a nice (and true) quote. Flowers are nice to see as we head into winter!

Gail Dixon

It is a very nice quote. And your pale lavender thistle is beautiful. :)


you're too cute. :)

Strawberry Lane

Wonderful sign, perfect message. Your photos of the thistle blossoms are beautiful ... love the color!


I love the sign and it does remind one of thistle. Lovely shots.


What a beautiful saying AND picture! This is why it's always good to carry a camera with you - even in the bathroom!


i'd rather see this too than my face in the bathroom :)


Nice thought for them to place in such a well-used location.


Your are too funny! It is nice, but an odd thing to paint over the mirror like that!

EG CameraGirl , Canada

What a wonderful sentiment! A great reminder.


Yes, there's always something to see and photograph when we go out!

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