November 18, 2012



Such scenery feeds the soul. What wonderful photos. Autumn is so full of beauty, isn't it?


Beautiful late autumn views. Valerie


These are all stunning shots. The lighting is fantastic in the sky, water and landscapes. I love the deer too.


Just gorgeous!


Beautiful ! You can always come back !

EG CameraGirl , Canada

Well, you have lovely memories of 2012 and something to look forward to in 2013.


What lovely memories you will be taking with you, love the mosaic you made of them.
Sallie, I will definitely be posting about the Olive Grove as I have in previous years. I am not sure how long you have been reading News From Italy, so yes you are right I think info of our background is all there but way back 2009 I expect. We did not have a farm in the UK but we did live on one and always kept animals from our daughters horse to chickens. Hope this answers your questions. :)

mrsbearfoot (Lindy)

Beautiful memories! Wishing you safe travels.


I especially like the sunset photo in the mosaic. All those pretty colours. Beautiful!

Mama Zen

What a lovely mosaic!


Beautiful happy memories to bring back to Florida ! Have a good and safe trip back south;

Rainfield (雨田)

You look like a nomad.

Who are going after beauty.


How lovely! I have enjoyed looking at many of your photos. Wonderful. Thanks for stopping by in Coventry :).

Joe Todd

Good morning from Ohio.. Would also make a nice SkyWatch..Just finished the last of the oranges we brought back from Florida...


You certainly live in the best of both worlds. Safe trip down south.


Sallie, you do have a beautiful place there, the views are just gorgeous. I love the mountain scene. Thanks for sharing, Have a happy Thanksgiving.


A beautiful mosaic of happy memories!(We have no ice this morning, but a gale and the risk of rain-yes winter has come)!

Stewart M

Hi there - well we really did have an early summer weekend - so it stands to reason that you get winter!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

PS: I think we'd host on open garden again - but we may go away for the weekend if we do!!


Such a lovely mosaic filled with equally lovely and warm memories -- I especially love the deer peeking out from it :)

Gail Dixon

These are spectacular! What memories you created. So where do you go now?

Lady Fi

Wow - just beautiful!


What a lovely place you have out there. Awesome pictures.
have a nice week:)


Safe travels to you both as you wing your way east. Have a wonderful winter. We'll see you next spring.

anne & maury & zoey
p.s. The CRUD is still hanging on!


Such beautiful nature scenes. Hope your week is a good one. :)


really nice. love the top right corner photo. as you get ready to depart, safe travels across country!!!


they are beautiful memories, at least you have these photos to look at in the future... where to now? :D

Sally in WA

Have a safe trip back to your winter digs! Great way to wrap up your season with this mosiac.

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