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November 08, 2012



A truly marvelous sight - those birds. I've never seen so much of them flying in group or even that close as I live in the inland. :(


the geese photo is stunning!
I love it

the leaves are beautiful too


Lovely yellows and the birds in flight is an awesome shot. beautiful photos, Sallie!

Mary Pellerito

It is so nice to see what is going on in other places. The color is gone from my area so it is great to relive autumn again, albeit virtually.


Love the softened bird shot!

Jenn Jilks

Glorious photos! I love this time of year!

Strawberry Lane

Enjoyed all the photos. Love the photo of the geese!


Gorgeous! That shot of the geese is spectacular.

I'd Rather B Birdin [aka Anni]

The geese against the warm golden glow of the day is truly a visual paradise!!!


Wow that last photo should be framed on my wall, lovely!


WOW, the geese shot is fantastic!

Rambling Woods

beautiful warm colors..and 70 wow?


Beautiful yellow leaves and I love the birds in flight.


beautiful autumnal colours!

Gail Dixon

That last shot of the geese is glorious! What a beautiful sight. :)

Lady Fi

Lovely autumn shots!

Stewart M

Wonderful colours in this post (and the one before it) - really like the geese.

I've been in Oman for a week hence slow reply!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

Sandy Carlson (USA)

These are wonderful!


You've certainly captured the essence of golden-yellow, especially with that last shot.


Love that shot of the geese, its really a great image! I always enjoy seeing them fly over...such a feeling of freedom.

Colin Huggins

Great photo of the geese in flight. I watched them in "awe" when in Rochester, Minn. on my visits to my sister and husband. However, they were not overly welcome on landing, they did make a bit of mess - ha ha!
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Rained steadily all night, the good drenching stuff. Gardens will welcome it. I think it will continue all day.


Great autumn shots. I especially like the birds silhouetted against that golden sky. Fantastic!


i love the flock flight. :)


Love the warm colours of fall, and your geese in flight is terrific.


Excellent shots..:-)


Autumn leaves and migrating geese are messengers of the deep autumn. Your photos are amazingly beautiful and remind me of transience of time and life. I especially love the third one. Enjoy a wonderful autumn day.

laura k

beautiful YELLOWS!!!!
great shots...esp the geese (?)...they look a little confused...'should we stay, or should we go???'


The same here in Belgium ! Still rather warm, last year we had snow at this time !


Those birds look like they are on a mission.

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