November 08, 2012


Strawberry Lane

Each sunrise, each sunset! With beauty like that we have much for which to be grateful. Awesome photo! Wonderful quote!

A picture in time

What a glorious start to a new day!
Thanks for missing me, and for your kind comment :-)


Gorgeous sunset and photo. Oh, sunrise! I'm never awake for those.
What a stirring quote too.


Beautiful shot and quote and happy day ! Yes, You did it !

Rambling Woods

Love the quote and the photo..yes we can..

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Let's hear it for the genius who is our President!

Laura Hegfield

beautiful dear Sallie...and what a power quote from our President. I do hope you will help me in creating the gratitude quilt this year…there is more info at the top of my blog.

A picture in time

What a glorious start to a day!


A glorious scene!

Gail Dixon

Your photo is gorgeous. The colors are sensational!

Pam :)

Amen, to your stunning photo and Pres Obama's inspiring quote.
Nicely done, Sallie ~:)


The people has voted, and are as happy as your bright and sun shiny day!


I must say, this is the most beautiful photo I have seen in a long time.


YAY Obama!

Lady Fi

Just gorgeous - the picture and the words from Obama. Here's hoping the US unites!


A new day dawns. A spectacular image.


Wow! Magical moment.


I want to sing with Carletta. Hope she has a better voice than me. Gorgeous shot bringing the hope of a new day.


what a wonderful color, it is so refreshing and so glowing. I like the added frame.

And we're almost on the same wave, I also posted a sky shot and wrote a tanka about life, hope and bliss.

Have a wonderful evening Sallie.


this is great, sallie. thank you.


Lovely! Really beautiful shot!


A real scene of tranquility here,
a scene of hope for a better future.


a gorgeous sunup for the president. :)


Wow, this a gorgeous capture, Sallie! Perfect start to your day! Happy Skywatching!


A fantastic molten morning photo, I love it.


What a beautiful shot and a great quote to go with it!

Lavender Dreams

What a gorgeous photo! We've had some beautiful golden sunsets here in Florida this week and it's been so nice and warm! Hurry back!



Colin Huggins

The quote is a bit of a reminder of the JFK one - "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country".
Lets all hope that the US politicans can effectively work together for the betterment of ALL Americans.
A challenge worth the effort.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

Joe Todd

Beautiful shot Sallie.. I hope my post didn't make you homesick LOL.. We will be heading back to Ohio on Sat. Yesterday we took the Key West Express to Key West.. The ride was a "little rough" but we made it ok.. One day we may be here at the same time..I hope so..


I wanna sing "Morning Has Broken"!
Stunning shot Sallie! Really stunning!

A perfect quote post-election!
Your photo and guote are a perfect compliment to each other

Clair Z.

Sallie, I love both the picture and the words. Funny, we both took the same approach with our Skywatch posts today!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Awesome way to begin a day and particularly a new day for our country!! Have a great weekend, Sallie!!


Nice sky-post!

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